Die TU Wien ist im COMET-Programm der FFG äußerst erfolgreich in folgenden Zentren vertreten:


  • ACIB - Austrian Center of Industrial Biotechnology, Link
  • K2 Digital Mobility - K2 Digital Mobility Context-Embedded Vehicle Technologies
  • C-MPPE - Integrated Computational Materials, Process and Product Engineering, Link
  • XTribology - Excellence Center of Tribology, Link


  • ABC - Austrian Blockchain Center, Link
  • CHASE - Chemical Systems Engineering
  • ACMIT - Austrian Center for Medical Innovation and Technology, Link
  • Bioenergy 2020+, Link 
  • CEST Kompetenzzentrum für elektrochemische Oberflächentechnologie GmbH, Link
  • ASSIC/CTR - Carinthian Tech Research - Competence Center for Advanced Sensor Technologies, Link
  • K1-MET - Competence Center for Excellent Technologies in Advanced Metallurgical and Environmental Process Development, Link
  • PCCL-K1 - Competence Center in Polymer Engineering and Science, Link
  • RCPE - Research Center Pharmaceutical Engineering, Link
  • SCCH - Software Competence Center Hagenberg, Link
  • SBA 2 - Secure Business Austria 2, Link
  • VRVis - Visualization, Rendering and Visual Analysis Research Center, Link
  • Wood COMET - Kompetenzzentrum für Holzverbundwerkstoffe und Holzchemie, Link
  • CDP – Austrian Center for Digital Production


  • AAHM R2P - Alpine Airborne Hydromapping, Link
  • Amoree - Aluminium and magnesium processing optimization with special respect to resource and energy efficiency Link
  • AEDA - Advanced Engineering Design Automation, Link
  • DEXHELPP - Decison Support for Health Policy and Planning: Methods, Models and Technologies based on existing health care data, Link
  • GSG - Green Storage Grid, Link
  • JOIN4+ - Network of Excellence for Joining Technologies („Fügetechnologien“), Link
  • imPACts - Industrial Methods for Process Analytical Chemistry – From Measurement Technologies to Information Systems, Link
  • PolyComp - Functional Polymer Composites, Link
  • ZPT+ - zerstörungsfreie Prüfung und Tomografie Plus, Link