03. Mai 2019
OE1XTU in All Austrian Emergency Exercise 2019
All Austrian Emergency Exercise (AOEE)

May 1 is the traditional date of the All Austrian Emergency Exercise (AOEE).

The radio amateurs of Austria, together with the Austrian Red Cross, the Johanniter, the ORF and A1 Telekom Austria on May 1 participate in the Austria-wide emergency communication exercise using shortwave radio to capture the situation and support the ad-hoc erection of emergency telecommunications infrastructure.

This year, our OE1XTU Team consists of the following operators: YL Laila OE1LZA, OM Dieter OE8KDK, OM Horia OE1BQH, OM Markus OE1AKA, OM Gerald OE1GAQ, OM Chris OE1VMC, and Ivan. Ivan is eagerly aspiring his amateur radio license and plans for the exam in June 2019. We take part in the AOEE contest as a high power station (using 200 W transmit power) in SSB.

More Information: OE1XTU.