low-voltage EELS

This topic has become of international interest. Consequently a Special Issue "Low Voltage Electron Microscopy" in the journal Ultramicroscopy, opens an external URL in a new window is published in 2014. Prof. Ute Kaiser, opens an external URL in a new window from Uni Ulm, opens an external URL in a new window (SLAVE Projekt, opens an external URL in a new window) and Priv.-Doz. Michael Stöger-Pollach have been invited to act as guest editors.


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Priv.-Doz. Dr. Michael Stöger-Pollach

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144Citations: "Transmission electron microscopy at 20kV for imaging and spectroscopy", U. Kaiser, M. Stöger-Pollach, et al., Utramicroscopy 111 (2011), pp. 1239-1246

6kV of EELS-Spektren at low voltages in TEM - world record -

350meV energy resolution using a LaB6-Cathode @ 20 kV (usually 800 meV) - Weltrekord -