FEI Quanta 200 3D

[Translate to English:] Quanta 200 3D Rasterelektronenmikroskop

Emitter: Tungsten
Beam voltage: 0.2 - 30 kV
Beam current: 1 µA

BSE detector
GIS detector (for ESEM)

EDX: EDAX-Ametec Pegasus XM4
OIM: Digiview III with Forward Scatter Detektor

Ga+ sidewinder ion column
resolution: 10 nm (30 kV, 1 pA)
beam voltage: 5 kV - 30 kV
beam current: 1 pA - 30 nA
Platinum- and Tungsten deposition

resolution: 3.5 nm (30 kV, Hochvakuum)
resolution: 3.5 nm (30 kV, Niedervakuum/ESEM)
resolution: 153 nm (3 kV, Niedervakuum/ESEM)

chemical X-ray analysis (100 µm - 10 nm)
structural investigations employing EBSD with near nm-resolution
3D tomography for life sciences
sample preparation for TEM
3D in-situ analysis von of defects and other areas in metals, semiconductors, and ceramics
preparation and analysis of porous materials
preparation and analysis of any material at cryo temperature
preparation and analysis of any material at high pressures and under wet conditions
carging free imaging of insulating samples
defect repair in semiconductor devices
cutting independent of any "Box, Circle, Line"-standard tools
scripting for a fully automated FIB opeartion

Cryoworkstation: Polaron (-186°C bis +50°C)
Nano manipulators: Kleindiek Rotation-Tip, Microgripper
AFM: GeTec AFSEM, low-noise, self sensing

person of responsibility

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