Doctoral Program

Information regarding the application for a degree can be found on the page regarding the application for a degree .

We would like to point to our information sheet , opens an external URL in a new windowregarding the supervision and assessment of a doctoral thesis.

The topic of the doctoral thesis has to be approved by the Dean of Studies, please use the form Dissertationsvereinbarung, opens a file in a new window. Thisform has to be submitted, togehter with an abstract of thesis to the office if the dean.

The Topic has to be registered in tiss, opens an external URL in a new window as well. Ask your supervision to enter your topic in tiss.

Cumulative doctoral theses are possible, we recommend to discuss this with your supervision. Please keep the guidelines , opens a file in a new windowfor cumulative theses in mind.

The uploaded copy of the thesis, has not to be signed by hand, that is up to the author.

We would like to mention that you are obliged to follow the code of conduct , opens an external URL in a new window Rules to Ensure Good Scientific Practice of the university.

The courses for the doctoral program have to selected in consultation with the supervision and approved by the Dean of Studies.

The courses have to be submitted with the topic on the form "Dissertationsvereinbarung, opens a file in a new window"

The guidelines of the Dean of Studies concerning the courses suitable for the doctoral program can be found here, opens a file in a new window.

The ECTS on the certificate are not valid for doctoral programs.

According to the guideline of the Dean of Studies, the coursetypes „VO“ and „VU“ are transferd 1:1,5 from semesterhours to ECTS, for all other courses the transfer rate is 1:1!

Restricting Public Accesses to your thesis

Restriction to public access means, that the thesis can not be lended out or read in the library for the duration granted.
For restriction to public accesses an application to the Dean of Studies has to be made. Ask your supervision to print out the corresponding form.

Keep in mind, that the abstract you have to hand in, will be published (together with the invitation to your defensio) on our homepage.

The relevant forms can be found under download.

The Promotion (Graduation Ceremony) is organized by the legal department.