Application for a Master Degree and during Corona

Please assign your courses in the tiss-system , opens an external URL in a new windowand fix a date with your examiners.

Please send all the documents in ONE E-Mail to Ms. Linda Schachinger (

-) Passport (certificate of marriage, if applicable)
-) Current record of studies - Studienblatt
-) Application form (Einreichbogen) - handed out at the office
-) certificates, of courses which could not assigend to the respective fields in TISS
-) certificate of the “DiplomandenInnenseminar” (Seminar for Masterstudents writing their thesis) - only for Technical Chemistry
-) certificates of the “Wahlübungen” (elective Labcourses) - only for Technical Chemistry
-) complete transcript of records
-) certificate of the preliminary study program and or admission certificate
-) certificate of recognition of external courses (if applicable)
-) announcement of the thesis
-) UHStat 2 (participation record of a mandatory statistical survery)
-) in case of an external examiner, please send the correspondig form as well

One copie of the thesis has to be deposited at the office of the dean (after Corona-lockdown).
The final examintion (defensio) will be held when the following requirements are met:

-) The date of the defeniso is fixed
-) The thesis has been uploaded to tiss.
-) The written assessments have been submitted

Due to the Corona Situation the definsio will be held via teleconference (GoToMeeting).

The following criteria must be met:

-) All parties must agree
-) mutual audibility and visibility
-) voice, facial expression and gestures must be perceptible in a realistic manner
-) the data transfer must conducted on secure (encrypted) channels
-) it must be possible for additional persons to attend the defensio
-) the same level of knowledge of all parties must be ensured.

GoToMeeting fulfills the criteria above, therefore it is used for examinations, defensios and the like. To attend the teleconference you will need an PC/Mac with Microphone and headphones (preferably a headset) and a webcam or a Tablet or Smartphone.
The head of the commission will record the defensio. The recording is stored in the office of the dean.