Degree application

Office hours only by appointment

For an appointment, please contact Mrs Schachinger or Mrs Heidlmaier.

Applications for degree can be submitted online, for further information, see the degree you want to apply for.

How to apply

We recommend to pick up the documents in person, so possible questions can be discussed face to face.
In this context, we would like to point out the FAQ , opens an external URL in a new windowregarding the recognition of exams.
All documents necessary for the application are available at the office of the dean.

We would like to point out, that

  • at least 2 weeks in advance of the exam the copies of the thesis has to be submitted at the dean's office and the electronic copy has to be uploaded to TISS.
  • at least 1 week in advance the written assessment(s) of the thesis have to be submitted at the dean's office. If this is not the case, the exam has to be postponed!

Detailed information regarding the application for the specific degree can be found under the corresponding link.

Bachelor's Programm Technical Chemistry

  • E 033 290 - Technical Chemistry

Master's Programm Technical Chemistry

  • E 066 490 - Technical Chemistry

Master's Programms

  • E 066 434 - Material Sciences (Emphasis Technical Chemistry)
  • E 066 658 - Chemistry and Technology of Materials (in cooperation with the University of Vienna)
  • E 066 453 - Biomedical Engineering (dependent on the diploma thesis)

Doctoral Programm

  • E 786 800 /  E 791 800 - Doctoral Programm in Technical Sciences, Subject Technical Chemistry
  • E 086 800 / E 091 800  - Doctoral Programm in Natural Sciences, Subject Technical Chemistry