Quartely report III/2019

Overview operation

  •   Upgrade to Rails 5 (postponed)    

  •  Upgrade Application Server TISS Research (Wildfly) and TISS Teaching (Java-EE)

Fast Lane

  • Voter Lists + Information for Senate Election 2019
  • chemicals management
  • Barrier-free ways
  • Organizational chart csv export for "science spots"
  • Department of Studies: Change in retroactive notification, new decree doctoral candidates
  • Minor changes event management

Development of the project database

Extension of the functionalities of the project database. Implementation of the requirements from the topic memory of the VR Research Research Group.

Progress: requirements and improvements in the workflow or user interface due to prioritization topics from the departments; Requirements Analysis Data Import.

Publication database New

Implementation and conception of a new publication database in TISS. Integration of open-source software in the IT systems of the TU Vienna.

Progress: project organization (definition of project goals, scope of projects, appointment of core team), definition of publication types and associated metadata, start with implementation: migration, submission process, beginning of creation of authorization concept, preparation and start of single sign-on, interface analysis

Research portfolio

In 2015, the TISS research portfolio was implemented as a successor and extension of the TISS performance database. The implementation had to be carried out quickly for various reasons, which in many places meant a reduction in the planned functionalities. In the productive system there are many mistakes or unfinished elements that have to be cleaned up (facelift).

Progress: Completed.

FPF 2.0 (Research Portfolio 2.0)

In 2015, the TISS research portfolio was implemented as a successor and extension of the TISS performance database. For various reasons, the implementation had to be carried out quickly, which in many cases meant a reduction in the planned functionalities. Extensions and new requirements regarding research portfolios require new Definition of work packages.

Progress: New work packages are put together and the existing as well as missing requirements are raised. Open requirements have been taken from Task 05/16 Research Portfolio (FPF). These are reassessed and divided into new work packages.

SEO Search Engine Optimization - Research

The contents of the research projects are to be technically prepared in such a way that they can be indexed more easily by the search engines and can thus also be found via search engines. This results in a better visibility of the research projects of the TU Vienna.

Progress: Automatically generated information files (robots.txt, sitemap.xml) for search engines. Readable URL without special characters (example.com/?id=235 becomes example.com/project/Ionendiffusor). Information files were generated statically and are in use. Automatic generation of information files and URLs.

LVA Rating 2.0

Support of the revised evaluation process -- e.g. redesign of the evaluation sheet, individual evaluation periods for LVA, spontaneous evaluations of individual lectures.

Progress: Input/publication of the statements of lecturers; overview lists for deans of studies and lecturers, making old evaluation results available.

Admission procedures and aptitude tests

Illustration of the admission/selection procedures and suitability test for studies in TISS.

Progress: Follow-up of the sequential test, follow-up registrations, online pre-registration for CEC, export of letters of motivation and portfolios for TUWEL, integration of UHStat-1.

GUT DMS - Rental contracts

The sub-project "Lease contracts" (pilot project) was separated from the large project GUT DMS. Leases are managed centrally with the Alfresco system. Implementation follows an agile approach.

Progress: The basic functions for the storage of rental agreements have been implemented and are in an initial internal test phase (local server, as TU.it has not yet provided a productive instance).

Workflow Engine - Tender Workflow

An electronic tender workflow in TISS is intended to support the search and replacement of personnel and thereby avoid the current large number of forms with overlapping content.

Progress: Adaptation of the workflow for general personnel, connection of the personnel plan tool, adaptation to Alfresco Process Services.

TU Data Interfaces - Master Data Synchronization SAP

As part of the new project organization, the master data adjustment was newly implemented. The difference adjustment is still to be implemented and some enhancements are still desired from the individual projects, which can be implemented here collectively.

Progress: Solution for the implementation of difference matching was found (logging in SAP as basis for changes). Changes to master data of inactive teaching staff must also be transferred to TISS. Implementation of the requirement: Teaching cost share to be automatically booked on own LED internal orders.

Workflow Engine - Organization NEW

Support of requests for structural changes and granting of powers of attorney through workflows in TISS.

Progress: Adaptation work on Alfresco Process Services

New mailings

Revision of the system for mass mailings. Recipient lists should be created automatically - less manual work.
Progress: Insight into historical releases.


Sensible location of the responsibilities of the TU Card and introduction of the card type "External" for WMA. Optimisation of the production and issuing process. in several steps.

Progress: Work on TUcard Guest (coordination of workflow, redesign of card ordering process, optimization of card status and overview of all card types) new card type access which is intended as key card for fire brigade etc.) specification of requirements library card

Appointment process - Online application

Mapping and support of appointment procedures in TISS.

Progress: Completion of the creation of calls for tenders in TISS and transfer to eRecruiter, presentation of the system, training and entry of calls for tenders to/with deaneries, upload of tender-specific documents for commissions.

plagiarism software

The plagiarism check is to be integrated into the workflow of the final papers.

Progress: Conclusion of software contract (Turnitin) still open, requirements assessment and Process definition.

Refactoring LVA Administration

Revision of the code in the administration of the LVA in order to improve performance and maintainability.
increase. Bug fixes and new features are currently unnecessarily difficult to implement.

Progress: On-hold

Online payment integration

Implementation of a central e-payment service at the TU Vienna.  (EPS, credit cards, Maestro) with the payment service provider SIX.  First merchants are planned for payment of student fees, TUcard replacement fees, TU software, admission fees and conferences.

Progress: Integration of the booking files from SIX (MRX) and Raiffeisen (CAMT 53) for the automated creation of SAP import files, on the basis of which a monthly account reconciliation is possible.