Current Focus Topics (QIV/2019)

Since March 2016, the department of Campus Software Development (CSD) has been responsible for the operation and further development of TU Wien's Information Systems & Services (TISS). The further development of TISS is controlled by the TISS Steering Group. The Steering Group represents the Rectorate as client and decision maker. The steering group carries out the prioritization of the TISS tasks (= change requests and new requests). TISS tasks are deducted from TISS Client Management. The prioritization of the TISS tasks takes place on a quarterly basis and determines the further work process.

In addition to securing the basic operation, the TISS steering group has the following focal points for the quarter of I / 2019 (for a complete list of all previously registered TISS tasks, see here):

Appeal Process

Comparison of eRecruiter applications after extension of the administration views. During the appointment process, TISS should map and support the online application process electronically.

Locking System / TU Card

Necessary revisions of the TUcard external and guests - improvements of the area administration, views and filter possibilities after finalization of the TUcard.

TU do (Onboarding)

The task On-Boarding is currently a collection pool that is needed for the admission and the start of the new MA (GUT, Pers. Admin ...). The OE - internal administration should also be facilitated for existing employees (instructions, PPE, keys, ...). For Q1 / 2019 the fine conception and further expansion is planned.

Publication Database

Implementation and conception of a new publication database in TISS. Integration of open-source software in the IT systems of TU Wien. The following tasks are planned for Q1 / 2019: Collection of requirements, fixing project content and stakeholders (WHAT the new publication database should contain, it is currently not useful to continue running a repository), Implementation, TU adapted interface and workflows - Dependent on general conditions (upgrade to version 7)

Org New 2019

Processing of follow-up topics from the restructuring project "Organization New". This includes interface adjustments (RPO on OZU), various comparisons with SAP, as well as possible rework of the conversion.

Direct recording LBA and tutors

Update of requirements and implementation of the TISS / SAP interface. Test and acceptance by department, Refactoring LKL, Customize lists, Productive documentation. The goal is to significantly improve the registration and billing processes in the apprenticeship.

Course assessment

Further development of the pilot variant of the new course assessment, in particular the evaluation time windows of goal-oriented definition, as well as person-specific assessment sheets.

PDB Plus

Extension of the functionalities of the PDB. Implementation of the requirements from the VR Research Research Group. The focus in Q1 / 2019 is on the project investment process New: Resource release, creation of project drafts, facilitated investment process, revision of existing fields and workflows, conflicts of interest, powers of attorney, statistics.

Announcement Workflow

Support and optimization of electronic recruiting of new employees. Currently, work is being done on communication with the personnel planning tool (PPT) and on fixing the workflow for the scientific staff.

Admission procedure and Study Suitability Check

The admission procedure for the faculties architecture and spatial planning as well as computer science will be mapped in TISS. The next steps are: Implementation of the registration, the ePayments, the confirmation documents and the data export.

Refactoring Course Administration

Revision of the course administration program code to improve maintainability and speed up the module. The decoupling of course info and presenters in database queries, the conversion to Ruby/SAP interface, the adaptation of the programming interfaces (API) are now planned.


Implementation of a central e-payment service at TU Wien (banknote payment, EPS, credit cards, Maestro), whereby currently the support of the admission process (admission fee) is prioritized, as well as the integration of different financial service providers (eg Paypal) and data formats (MRX files).


Revision and improvement of usability in the creation and use of list mails. For Q1 / 2019 a fine-tuning of the already implemented functions is planned.

Redesign Course Description

The existing attributes in the course description are replaced and/or supplemented by new ones. By mapping the "Constructive Alignments" in TISS, the redesign of the teaching comprehension at TU Wien should be supported.

Research Infrastructure database

The Federal Ministry of Education, Science and Research maintains a database of the research infrastructure available in Austria. TU Wien will also make the data available for its own use in the course of data entry and data reconciliation.

Research Marketplace

The research marketplace centralises the research projects of the individual research areas and thus makes it easier to find research partnerships between research areas, even across faculty boundaries.

Research Portfolio

Implementation improvements in the presentation of the research profile and integration into the existing IT research landscape of TU Wien. For Q1 / 2019 it is planned to carry out a requirements survey for a new homepage.

The following new topics were prioritised for the 4th quarter


In an ordinance of the BMBWF, it was stipulated that in the UHStat-1 survey (1) other values should in part be recorded, (2) the data should be transmitted directly to Statistik Austria via a web service, (3) data already recorded by applicants should be retrieved by Statistik Austria.

Preview QIV/19: Adaptation of forms in TISS (for applicants, for CEC and Mobility Services); adaptation of internal TISS processes

Web service data network

The data exchange of student data with the BRZ is to be converted from file-based transfer to Web services. This means that not only is the data transferred to the BZR or data network immediately when it is collected or created, but error messages or warnings from the BRZ are reported immediately.

Preview QIV/19: Connection of the BRZ interfaces, overrun of the TISS internal processes, adaptation of the TISS UI, agreement on conversions with the study department.


The Task Guest account has been changed to Authentication because the requirements have been extended as follows: Access of TU external persons to TISS through guest accounts (e.g. in the admission procedure,...)
Effects on TISS by project "Replacement of existing Single Sign-On" solution

Preview QIV/19: Process the reported errors from and at the same time jointly develop the requirements for TISS (possibly consideration of guest accounts possible).

Internal Events

Each Org unit should be able to offer and administer events via TISS via TISS. The "Internal Events" function can currently only be used by Personnel Development.

Preview QIV/19: Analysis and adaptation of the code base, consideration and implementation of roles and rights systems, development of basic functions and user interfaces with stakeholders.

BMBWF - digital transformation

There were numerous applications from the TU Vienna for the BMBWF tender "Projects for digital and social transformation in higher education", in which CSD plays a larger or smaller role. The funding decision is to be made in November. Due to the consistently high quality of the applications, some commitments can be expected. As a result, resources for preparatory work by CSD will already have to be raised in QIV/2019. The commitments will also have a significant impact on the 2020 work programme.

Preview QIV 2019: Preparatory work, project coordination, recruiting.