Initiating R&D co-operations

Initiating R&D co-operation with TU Wien

"Business Co-operation" is your first contact point for initiating new co-operation between science and business with TU Wien. We pass on requests from companies, search for suitable co-operation partners and put you in contact with them. If required, we provide support throughout the entire acquisition process.
In the field of applied research, initiation funding can be obtained together with the corporate partner. In the funding programmes listed below, the applicant is always the company.
This initiation funding helps to develop R&D projects in detail, to define the framework conditions and possibly to clarify some points with regard to feasibility. In this way, quality and chances of approval of the actual application can be increased.
For this purpose, we can also recommend some initiation financing to you:

The funding programme "TU Wien consultancy services for Viennese companies"

As part of the co-operation agreement between TU Wien and the Austrian Chamber of Commerce, the funding programme “TU Wien consultancy services for Viennese companies” is offered for Vienna-based businesses.
The funding programme supports cooperation between Vienna-based companies and TU Wien. Within the framework of this funding, Vienna-based businesses can make use of

  • an initial discussion with TU Wien experts (100% funding, 2h, up to € 160,00 net),
  • a brief consultation (100% funding),
  • and/or a project consultation (50% funding).
  • Option 1: duration 2.5 working days
  • Option 2: duration 5 working days (+ additional application for a consultant for support in accompanying project management)

These are processed via WIFI Wien. You can find all necessary details in the FAQ section. We accompany the initiation of the consulting project and handle the administrative processing of this funding source.

"F&E_Kooperationsanbahnung" offered by the Vienna Business Agency (WAW)

This funding programme supports the initiation of research and development cooperation in SMEs – entrepreneurial activities that lead to a specific R&D partnership and to the conclusion of a research cooperation agreement. In this connection, TU Wien can participate as a cooperation partner (for the preparation of an R&D project) or as a subcontractor (e.g. as an external consultant).

The "KMU-Paket" offered by the Austrian Research Promotion Agency (FFG)

The aim of the “KMU-Paket” (SME bundle) offered by FFG is to facilitate entry into ongoing research and innovation activities and to increase the quality of the research projects. Several coordinated funding possibilities in the area of the ”Basisprogramm” are oriented towards all Austrian SMEs and provide financial support for the R&D initiation:

Mag. Dr. Elisabeth Schludermann

Head of Funding Support and Industry Relations

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DI Petra Rössner

Funding support, industry relations  

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Mag. Astrid Stakne

Funding support, industry relations 

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Dipl.-Ing. Kathleen Jimenez Bsc

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Funding support, industry relations 

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