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Industry Relations

In the field of business co-operation we offer the following services for companies:

Possibilities for co-operations with TU Wien

We support co-operation between TU Wien and companies in the initiation and application phase by helping in the search for suitable co-operation partners and providing advice on relevant initiation financing. These activities are supported by the co-operation agreement with the Vienna Economic Chambers.

The following possibilities for cooperation are available:

Research co-operation indicates a research project carried out jointly in a consortium (e.g. companies, public authorities, other universities, non-university research institutions) with the support of a public funding. The research project is open with regard to the results, the rights to the research results are reserved by all partners, and the exploitation and use of the results is regulated in the consortium agreement. The University has a right to publish.

Contract research is the implementation of scientific work on behalf of a (commercial) funding source. The objective and purpose of the commissioned investigations are predefined by the client. For a remuneration of the full costs of the commissioned research activity, the IPRs of the research results and their exploitation are reserved by the client.

Co-operation in industry-based theses offers a special opportunity to combine science and business in practice to the benefit of both parties. Application-oriented research is enabled and current practical problems can be solved. Candidates writing such a thesis have an academic supervisor at the university and a contact partner in the enterprise involved, who make their resources available to answer specific questions. The topic is defined jointly, however, the actual approval lies in the university’s responsibility. Please note that the framework conditions for carrying out such work may vary between single faculties (e.g. guideline by the Faculty of Informatics).

Scientific services

At TU Wien, there are core facilities in which research infrastructures are pooled. Here, interdisciplinary co-operation at the university and also between individual universities is supported and strengthened. Companies can also buy scientific services offered at these centres, if resources are available.

The TU Wien X-ray Centre enables X-ray structure data collection, structure solutions and refinements of data sets in the single crystal domain. In addition, qualitative and quantitative phase analytics can be carried out for polycrystalline materials. Voltage measurements and texture measurements are offered for bulk samples, as well as for thin films.

The expertise and infrastructure of USTEM are available to research institutions and companies to carry out research and development work for quality control or damage analysis. With transmission electron microscopy (TEM), scanning electron microscopy (SEM), confocal microscopy and focused ion beam (FIB), USTEM offers a wide range of services in the field of structural and chemical microanalysis.

The ZMNS offers state-of-the-art environment and equipment to enable the development of new semiconductor components in research and teaching. The main objective of the research and development activities is the transfer of innovative ideas from basic research into novel device concepts, which is also achieved through close co-operation with the industry and international research institutions.

Initiating R&D co-operation with TU Wien

"Business Co-operation" is your first contact point for initiating new co-operation between science and business with TU Wien. We pass on requests from companies, search for suitable co-operation partners and put you in contact with them. If required, we provide support throughout the entire acquisition process.
In the field of applied research, initiation funding can be obtained together with the corporate partner. In the funding programmes listed below, the applicant is always the company.
This initiation funding helps to develop R&D projects in detail, to define the framework conditions and possibly to clarify some points with regard to feasibility. In this way, quality and chances of approval of the actual application can be increased.
For this purpose, we can also recommend some initiation financing to you:

The funding programme "TU Wien consultancy services for Viennese companies"

As part of the co-operation agreement between TU Wien and the Austrian Chamber of Commerce, the funding programme “TU Wien consultancy services for Viennese companies” is offered for Vienna-based businesses.
The funding programme supports cooperation between Vienna-based companies and TU Wien. Within the framework of this funding, Vienna-based businesses can make use of

  • an initial discussion with TU Wien experts (100% funding, 2h, up to € 160,00 net),
  • a brief consultation (100% funding),
  • and/or a project consultation (50% funding).
  • Option 1: duration 2.5 working days
  • Option 2: duration 5 working days (+ additional application for a consultant for support in accompanying project management)

These are processed via WIFI Wien. You can find all necessary details in the FAQ section. We accompany the initiation of the consulting project and handle the administrative processing of this funding source.

"F&E_Kooperationsanbahnung" offered by the Vienna Business Agency (WAW)

This funding programme supports the initiation of research and development cooperation in SMEs – entrepreneurial activities that lead to a specific R&D partnership and to the conclusion of a research cooperation agreement. In this connection, TU Wien can participate as a cooperation partner (for the preparation of an R&D project) or as a subcontractor (e.g. as an external consultant).

The "KMU-Paket" offered by the Austrian Research Promotion Agency (FFG)

The aim of the “KMU-Paket” (SME bundle) offered by FFG is to facilitate entry into ongoing research and innovation activities and to increase the quality of the research projects. Several coordinated funding possibilities in the area of the ”Basisprogramm” are oriented towards all Austrian SMEs and provide financial support for the R&D initiation:

Innovation voucher (Innovationsscheck) € 10,000 (with a 20% company contribution). Within the framework of the Innovationsscheck, TU Wien undertakes, for example, preparatory work for research, development and innovation projects. It supports the development of prototypes or carries out studies to implement innovative ideas. Please note that, according to the guideline, the research institution bears the financial risk in the event of a negative test result because in this case the payment of the Innovationsscheck does not take place. Please contact us in advance concerning this matter if you are planning a submission.

Funding for the preparation of feasibility studies. In this funding programme, TU Wien works on technical feasibility studies (proof of concept) as a third-party service provider.

Support in the preparatory work for a specific research project.
In this programme TU Wien can be commissioned as a third-party service provider to assess the state-of-the-art and the technical risks and to define solutions or to undertake similar preparatory work for an R&D project..

Project funding in the Basisprogramm (General programme - experimental development) is open for all technology fields, companies and project sizes. Co-operation with research institutions enables larger grants from this funding source. The ”Einzelprojekt” is processed as a single project of experimental development. In this case TU Wien is involved as a genuine co-operation partner in research co-operation. TU Wien therefore has the right to publish the results of the work and to use them further, provided that this is carried out by the research institution.

Austrian start-ups (small enterprises) are supported in the market transition of a product that builds on a successfully completed research project in the basic programme or experimental development. The financing limitation of technology-oriented small enterprises does not apply with Market.Start, in order to drive forward the corporate growth in the areas of organisation, marketing and sales, in particular, with a loan of up to € 1 million.

"Wirtschaftsimpulse durch Forschung"

As part of the co-operation between the Austrian Economic Chambers and TU Wien, we offer the "Wirtschaftsimpulse durch Forschung" ("economic impulses through research") event series: Here, we present the know-how of TU Wien on current R&D developments and demonstrate the possibilities for co-operation between companies and TU Wien institutes.

Information events for companies

The “Wirtschaftsimpulse durch Forschung” event series includes large-scale, inter-faculty information events with the objective of stimulating co-operation between businesses and universities. These network events offer an overview of the business-relevant research at TU Wien and promote the TU Wien internal networking between various research fields for the purpose of interdisciplinary activities. National funding agencies (e.g. FFG, WAW) also present their relevant funding programmes according to the given topics.

We also offer small-scale events, such as company workshops or expert discussions, where researchers and companies work together on specific questions, or a topic is discussed in an application-oriented way. 

Current events  

List of the formats and topics used previously

Technologies for the future  

The "Wirtschaftsimpulse durch Forschung – Technologies for the Future" brochure offers an overview of technologies, innovative research projects and current trends in the topics of ICT, the construction industry and urban technologies. In short summaries, TU Wien experts describe the state-of-the-art and associated challenges for the future.


Best-practice cooperations

Research and development projects are often a challenging task for companies. One of the hurdles is finding suitable experts for a particular innovation project.
Using examples of best practice, we would like to demonstrate how co-operation between companies and TU Wien researchers has been established and developed further to the benefit of all parties.


FAQ Industry Relations

Any project that constitutes the initiation of cooperation between business and science can be funded e.g.:

  • Preparation of innovation projects (new processes or products)
  • Technical expertise to safeguard new business ideas or new business areas
  • Advice on processing novel customer orders
  • Neutral technical expertise before investment decisions or for the settlement of disputes
  • Solving technical production problems
  • Technical support in quality assurance
  • Implementing the first scientific services (such as special measurements, analyses)
  • Feasibility studies in the specified working framework

Any Vienna company with an active business licence in the Vienna Economic Chamber.

The models in detail 

Initial discussion  - 100% funding; 2h; up to € 160,00 net;

Brief consultation – flat rate of € 800 (no company contribution);
objective: initial discussion with the scientific partner on exchange of information, including a definition and definition of the project/problem, as well as advice regarding how to proceed and implement the necessary steps.

Project consultation – flat rate of € 2,000 (50% company contribution);
depending on the task it corresponds to a workload of approx. 2.5 working days. Objective: further or more detailed advice within the framework of the above-mentioned workload; e.g. support in submitting an application for the joint cooperation project to the funding agency; carrying out the first measurements, analyses, etc.

Project consultation – flat rate of €4,000 (50% company contribution);
depending on the task, it corresponds to a workload of approx. 5 working days. Objective: further or more detailed advice within the framework of the above-mentioned workload; e.g. support in submitting an application for the joint cooperation project to the funding agency; carrying out the first measurements, analyses, etc.

You can find an overview of the expertise in research focus areas of TU Wien and the associated topics at: 

We are also very happy to support you in finding the right expert for your research issues. Please feel free to contact us! or +43-1-58801-41534

Registration takes place online.  
Wirtschaftskammer Wien will then send the order to Research and Transfer Support. We will forward this and the required forms, as well as a guide, to the TU Wien staff members and will provide support in the administrative processing of the funding. On the completion form, we also require the company’s signature.
In addition, we recommend that the consultancy report by the TU Wien expert is examined by the company.
You can find further information on the administrative processing of this funding in our guide.

An initial discussion of 2 hours is funded by Wirtschaftskammer Wien (up to € 160,00 net).
100% of a brief consultation worth €800 is funded by Wirtschaftskammer Wien. 

50% of project consultations are funded by Wirtschaftskammer Wien. There are two options for this:
Option 1 includes a workload of 2.5 working days;
Option 2 includes a workload of 5 working days.
Flat rates are charged: For option 1, the company contribution is €1,000, and for option 2 it is €2,000.

This kind of funding (initial discussion, brief consultation, project consultation) may be used by Vienna-based companies once per year.

In principle, all employees of TU Wien as well as these of the Vienna Chamber of Commerce are obliged to maintain confidentiality.

On request, we can conclude a non-disclosure agreement.