FET - Future and Emerging Technologies in Horizon 2020

FET research has its own funding stream within the ‘Excellent Science’ strand of Horizon 2020 and supports unconventional and visionary approaches that challenge existing paradigms and have the potential to lead to radical new technologies.

It is designed to facilitate high-risk, long-term fundamental research in the field of new technologies, creating the necessary knowledge base and infrastructure and enhancing multidisciplinary and international collaboration. FET only funds group projects, particularly interdisciplinary projects to open up new and promising areas of research, technology and innovation. The objective of this funding stream is to give Europe’s scientific excellence a competitive edge and overcome large-scale societal challenges by exploiting radical, novel technological opportunities.

These objectives are achieved through three different funding programmes:

FET Flagships are major long-term research projects designed to contribute to achieving ground-breaking scientific, technological and socio-economic changes. Multidisciplinary, international scientific expertise and financial capacity need to be pooled to facilitate long-term engagement with large scientific and technological challenges.

There are two current projects, with a probable duration of approx. 10 years and a budget of € 100 million per year:

FET Open supports high-risk, early-stage scientific and technological research projects from any discipline whose radical vision going forward is to lay the foundations for new technologies. The unconventional and interdisciplinary ground-breaking research undertaken within the group project will explore the fundamentally new technologies of the future, challenging current paradigms and breaking into undiscovered territory. This will identify promising areas of research and research teams at an early stage.

FET Proactive funds unconventional, high-risk fundamental research into identified areas of societal and industrial challenge. It aims to open up new areas of research and connect the various stakeholders within them. Funding is provided to multidisciplinary and international research clusters that pursue the development of concepts and trends alongside new ideas.

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