Current offers of PE in times of home office

We are all currently experiencing an exceptional situation, many of us had to switch our work to home office at short notice, for many of us this means a massive restriction of social contacts, for many of us the working day is completely turned upside down. A challenging situation for everyone involved.

We would like to start with some general tips for the design of the home office for employees

  • Agree on specific working hours with your_m supervisor, especially if they differ from the working hours in the office. Make a clear end to working hours. Do not continue working next to the TV in the evening.
  • Agree regularly with your_m supervisor and your colleagues (by telephone or video conference). If possible and sensible, keep existing appointments and handle them via telephone/video conference.
  • Together with your superior, consider which tasks can now be taken over by you. Give your superior feedback if something does not go well, so that you can work ideally. This is probably also an exceptional situation for your manager!
  • Even if you enjoy the missing dress code, dress according to the office work. It doesn't have to be a suit, but a nice pair of jeans does a different job than the sweatpants from the day before yesterday.
  • Don't get carried away to do a lot of household chores on the side (dishwasher, laundry, ...). This is as distracting as colleagues who suddenly "want to know something".
  • Do you have your own office room? Perfect! If not, then set up an office corner - without hobby stuff, children's toys or the dishes from yesterday.
  • In the office you probably have your routines: booting your PC, getting coffee, checking your mails, lunch with colleagues. In the home office you need new routines. Especially in the morning, you may lack the motivation to work right after breakfast. Tip: Write a to-do list for the next day in the morning after work.

The pandemic triggered by the corona virus poses a variety of challenges for people in Austria and worldwide. In particular, domestic isolation and quarantine represent exceptional situations that most people have not yet experienced and can be experienced as very stressful. Based on the recommendations of the Professional Association of Austrian Psychologists (BÖP), we have compiled a few strategies for you, which have been scientifically researched and have proven to be particularly effective in overcoming exceptional situations such as the current corona crisis.

  • Maintain a daily structure. Structure helps against chaos, gives security and strengthens in stressful situations. In addition to observing fixed working, eating and sleeping times, it is helpful to plan the coming day as precisely as possible. Planned action prevents loss of control and helplessness. Planned action gives you the feeling that you are not helplessly at the mercy of a situation, but that you are actively shaping it.
  • Despite the limitations and the constant stream of new messages, always focus consciously (e.g. before falling asleep) on those aspects of your life that are positive. For example "I am healthy", "My relatives are well", "I am well taken care of" or "Today I had a nice walk in the sunshine". Also, make a list of your inner resources by making a list of all the challenges you have already mastered in your life. Your skills and strengths with which you have overcome past situations will help you to cope well with the current situation.
  • Consume media consciously and purposefully. Obtain your information only from serious media, ignore fake news that is currently spread via social media! Facts help against overflowing emotions. Serious and clear information gives orientation and security. But avoid continuous media consumption.
  • Go out into the fresh air regularly. A walk alone or with the people you live with not only provides variety but also strengthens your immune system. Take care to avoid highly frequented places and, if necessary, keep the recommended distance of two metres.Keep moving! Movement works wonders in the mind and, as has been scientifically proven, has a positive effect on our psyche. Sport is also possible in confined spaces: videos on the Internet provide inspiration and training programmes. On YouTube, for example, you will find numerous instructions for workouts that you can do at home:"

  • If possible, help needy neighbours in an appropriate and protected setting. In doing so, you not only provide immediate support and social cohesion, but also do something good for yourself. Research results indicate that we are rewarded with feelings of happiness when we help other people in a meaningful way. You can find more information about this here: or if you would like to volunteer, you can contact us here:

If you are interested in a personal consultation on the topic "Organisation of the home office and online collaboration", you are welcome to contact our external coach, Elisabeth Sechser, via e-mail:

Please state your specific request, Ms. Sechser will contact you reliably within 24 hours to make an appointment for a confidential discussion (by telephone or video call).

Elisabeth Sechser, born in 1975, specialises in the organisation of everyday professional life and teamwork in the digital age.


In order to support you in this psychologically challenging time as personnel development in the best possible way, we have organised a psychological telephone consultation with Christiane Miksch. Please send an e-mail to Mrs. Miksch will reliably contact you within 24 hours to make an appointment for a confidential telephone conversation.

Does the social isolation oppress you? Or do you need someone to support you mentally? In this case please contact me to arrange a telephone appointment at the following e-mail address:

My name is Christiane Miksch: I am a psychologist and 56 years old. I have been working in coaching and consulting for 25 years. The present time demands inner strength and psychological power from all of us. Do you feel insecure because you worry about your relatives, your own health or about the future?


In addition, you will continue to support IBG industrial psychologists in the form of telephone counselling. Ms. Brandstetter and Mr. Hafner are available for you under these contact details or

Special online course offers for the next days

IN TISS there is now a new category ONLINE Formats and here you can find language courses, offers from the TU internal area like the library on ORCID or Open Access free of charge. Self Archiving *English* as well as sports courses and IT offers.

Our offer is being extended daily-> Please have a look at TISS and use the time wisely.

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