Data protection organisation

Data protection officer

TU Wien's Data protection officer is Mag. Christina Thirsfeld.

Duties of the data protection officer

The data protection officer must perform the following duties:

  • Informing and advising the Rector’s Office and employees of TU Wien on data protection law
  • Monitoring the legal data protection regulations and the strategies within the university for protecting personal data
  • Raising awareness among and training employees who process data
  • Providing accompanying advice and monitoring the data protection impact assessment
  • Working together with the data protection authorities, e.g. as a point of contact for the data protection authorities for matters relating to processing data


To ensure that the GDPR is implemented correctly, a data protection organisation was established at TU Wien and performs the following roles:

[Translate to English:] Datenschutz-Organisation der TU Wien

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[Translate to English:] Datenschutz-Organisation der TU Wien

Data protection coordinator at the Rector’s Office and faculty level:

Rector: Prentinger Evelin

There are also data protection contact people in the institutes and service departments (these can be nominated on a voluntary basis in the institutes but this role must be set up in the service departments). They support the data protection officer and the data protection coordinator with implementing and complying with the data protection guidelines of TU Wien and must report data protection breaches.

Data Protection Officer

Christina Thirsfeld



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