Current Focus Topics (QIII/2020)

Since March 2016, the Campus Software Development (CSD) department has been responsible for the operation and further development of the TU Vienna Information Systems & Services (TISS). The further development of TISS is managed by the TISS Management Group. The Steering Committee represents the Rectorate as client and decision maker. Within the Steering Committee, the prioritisation of TISS tasks (= change requests and new requirements) is carried out. TISS tasks are collected and prepared exclusively by TISS Client Management. TISS tasks are prioritized quarterly and determine the work program.
In addition to securing basic operations, the TISS management group has decided on the following work priorities for the first quarter of 2020 (a complete list of all TISS tasks registered to date can be found here):

The first section contains current tasks, for which a short outlook for the second quarter of 2020 is given.

The second section contains the newly prioritized tasks

Accounting tool for research centres

Requirements elicitation and effort estimation.

TU Data Interfaces - master data Synchronization - SAP

The following topics are still open for master data adjustment: Conversion to OZU, Title Mapping
module , Organizational units that are subsequently delimited in SAP are currently not used in TISS
processed (low prio)

Admission procedure and aptitude tests

Productive implementation of the application approval, including conflict of interest, support for productive implementation,
Definition of requirements concerning small and micro projects, migration of existing
Projects, interfaces to DWH

Interface teaching costs TISS/DWH

Completion Implementation and further supplementation with the requirement: it should
per person per LVA the weighted hours and statuses ordered and held once a day in the
DWH are taken over

Project Database Plus: Redesigning the Project Facility

Productive implementation of the application approval, including conflict of interest, support for productive implementation,
Definition of requirements concerning small and micro projects, migration of existing
Projects, interfaces to DWH


Ongoing expansion of the implementation ReposiTUm with additional functions, migration of publication database and verification with DWH, completion of the Submit process
and associated validation of the other publication types. Additional resources will be integrated for the implementation in order to achieve a quicker implementation.

Exam evaluation

Result display for administrator, dean of studies, examiners, testing - CLOSED

Mentoring LVA's


Admission procedure and aptitude tests

Integration of incoming students, additional functions for support, data deletion

Appointment with the study department (time slot)

Dates for incoming students, completion and testing of the implementation

Web services Data network

Data transfer GT--> TU, monitoring of the key figures TU vs. GT, conversion to study-based general university entrance qualification, extension of the display of data from the data network in TISS

Introduction Official signature

Connection of the signature service to TISS, integration of the official signature in TISS generated documents, Long Paper Validation (includes archive or connection to Alfresco ), re-signature
of expired signatures, Long Term Validation (LTV), publication of the picture mark by PR

Closed - GUT - DMS rental contracts


Release V 1.0, tests with users of the department GUT, Learning by Doing FB Services is to move documents step by step
further versions implemented, user administration (in coordination with, SAP interface PSP codes

Workflow Engine - tendering workflow

Refactoring of the workflows to support the release process in APS, rearrangement of the workflow (vice rector_in dean_in after examination by PA), workflow and forms for
scientific personnel including career positions and project assistants as well as apprentices

Broadcasts New

Bug fixing, code review, wording (project team members vs. project assistants). Project closure. Basic considerations for the new project: Sendings Light (simpler UI )

Appointment process

Status of the appointment process and of applications (application deadline, in review, hearings, proposal of 3, ...), access rights to applications (different rights for reviewers, commission members)

Refactoring LVA - Administration

Announcement workflow: Unnecessary removal of hooklets, adaptation of the user interface to the new interfaces, adaptation of the database to the data structures in the interfaces

Rails 5 Upgrade

Making up for refactoring which was not yet mandatory for Rails5, but necessary for Rails6.

CLOSED - Integration Online Payment

Ongoing control of the infrastructure, error correction, establishment and consolidation of workflows in coordination with the financial department.
New projects: SAP invoices. Conference system

Barrier-free paths

Continuation of the project in coordination with GUT and external service providers.

Automated LectureTube data synchronization

LectureTube scheduling improvements. Concerning 43/20: Analysis and implementation Replacement TUWEL csv import/export through interfaces.

Learning rooms

Dynamic definition of learning rooms (which rooms are learning rooms, in coordination with the RaumDB

Library cloakroom box



Query of changed user data in TISS, exchange of passwords, which were stored in TISS.

Internal events

Functional test operation for the first stakeholders (PE, i2c, energy and environment) parallel to the current PE offer

Room data - Replacement Access database

Rollout of version 1.0 for selected users within the GUT. Roles and rights system, connection to TISS, interfaces for other services (e.g.: learning rooms). Transition to productive operation.

Mobility Services (+ Erasmus WithoutPapers)

Concept for the integration of EWP into the processes at the TU, requirements analysis, effort estimation.

Internal events

The first "external" stakeholders (i2c and Research Centre Energy and Environment) are to use the offer of internal events (including adaptations for special needs) in parallel to the current PE offer.

TISS Redesign

Formulation of the new "design language" of TISS. Creating the "Widgets" (design company) and testing in TISS (CSD).

The following new topics have been prioritized for the 3rd quarter 2020

Automated SAP invoices

For sales via e-payment, invoices for (and from) SAP must actually be created by law. There is no interface between e-payment and SAP so that the
can be performed automatically.

Solution approach: Connection to SAP. E Payment sends the necessary data for an invoice and SAP can create an invoice.
Outlook QIII/20: Creation of a catalog of requirements for the SAP connection. Creation of a requirements specification for
the implementation in SAP. Adaptation of the UI in TISS so that the necessary data for an invoice can be queried.

Conference with payment system

For scientific conferences a software is needed that allows a review
process is supported. Furthermore, the integration of a payment system is required. Such a package should be available for
scientific conferences are made available.

Solution: Connect existing conference system with the TU Vienna E-Payment Service.
Outlook QIII/20: Search the market for conference systems and contact the developers.
Provide a decision basis for licensing or open source software.

Locking system NEW

The company PKE (locking system) rewrites the software for the locking system.
TISS must be adapted to the new system of the company PKE.

Solution: In consultation with PKE, identify individual interfaces, re-program them and exchange.
Outlook QIII/20: In consultation with PKE, identify individual interfaces, reprogram them and