Organisation - Overview

The organisation at a glance

University management

Since the universities were granted autonomy by the Austrian Universities Act, TU Wien has been managed by the Rector’s Office, the University Council and the Senate. The Rector’s Office runs TU Wien and represents it externally. It is made up of the rector and four vice rectors. The University Council is TU Wien’s uppermost supervisory body and comprises seven members. The Senate is made up of representatives of university professors, university lecturers and academic members of staff, general university staff and students.

Faculties and institutes

With its eight faculties, TU Wien covers the traditional engineering and scientific fields. These are split into 51 specialist institutes, where we employ around 2600 academic employees in teaching and research as civil engineers, electrical engineers, computer scientists, mechanical engineers, mathematicians, physicists, chemists, architects, interior designers, surveyors, geologists, economists, social scientists and lawyers.

Central services

The central services at TU Wien place a great deal of importance on putting customers first, providing a good level of service and efficiency. The organisational units carry out various tasks, ranging from IT, building technology and library management right through to communication, staff and student management and documentation. On top of this, they also promote women and offer career services and services for people with disabilities.