Events and Workshops 2021

Events and Workshops 2021

This webinar was organised in cooperation with Research Compliance and Research and Transfer Support.


In today's digitized world, researchers are dealing with a variety of data more than ever before. On the one hand, researchers generate new data themselves; on the other hand, they use data to which others may have rights. Data has many faces: personal data, research data (with or without personal reference), business data (trade secrets) and many more. Often, you need data to get results. These are also multifaceted. Depending on the content and quality of the data or result, there are also different legal consequences. The webinar aims to give an overview of possible rights to data and results in research.

The focus is on data protection law, secrecy protection and copyright and patent law.


Presentation (ZOOM), discussion

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  • Verena Dolovai; Research Compliance
  • Peter Karg, Head of Research and Transfer Support
  • Sabine Rainalter, Lawyer, European and International Contract Service


Zielgruppe: Wissenschaftliches Personal und administratives Personal, welches mit der Durchführung von Europäischen und Internationalen Forschungsförderungs-Projekten betraut ist.

Seminarsprache: deutsch


1)      Vorlagepflicht von internationalen Forschungsförderungsverträgen gemäß Rektoratsrichtlinie zu Vollmachten und Forschungsprojekten [§§ 26, 27 und 28 Universitätsgesetz 2002 (UG)]

2)      Freigaben im TISS im Hinblick auf internationale Forschungsförderungsverträge

3)      Elektronische Unterzeichnung durch die Project Legal Signatory Person (PLSIGN) im EU Funding & Tenders Portal

4)      Internationale Forschungsförderungsverträge: Überblick

5)      Dos and Don´ts bei internationalen Forschungsförderungsprojekten


Vorträge und Präsentation

Schriftliche Unterlagen


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The new aspects of the research framework program HORIZON EUROPE (2021-2027) will be considered at this event. 

  • Obligation to submit international research funding agreements according to the rectorate guideline on powers of attorney and research projects [§§ 26, 27 and 28 University Act 2002 (UG)].
  • Approvals in TISS with regard to international research funding contracts.
  • Electronic signature by the Project Legal Signatory Person (PLSIGN) in the EU Funding & Tenders Portal
  • International research funding contracts: Overview with focus on Horizon Europe
  • Dos and Don'ts in international research funding projects.



  • Lectures and presentation as webinar via ZOOM.
  • Written materials will be available for download for TU Wien employees (after TU Wien log in) 
  • Questions via chat function of ZOOM


  • Siegfried Huemer
  • Sabine Rainalter
  • Elisabeth Emminger


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