General information

room type: event rooms

Addrese: Getreidemarkt 9, 1060 Wien, BA Gebäude, 11the floor

Room code: BA 11 B07

Area: 230 m² (length: 16,5 m / width: 13,5 m / height: 3,7 m)

Surrounding rooms: Kitchen (17,5 m²); Wardrobe (22,9 m²)

Terrace: Terrace- south side(117,2 m²) and Terrace - northe side (135,9 m²)

Catering areas: Kitchen

Toilets: own toilets for the room

Accesibility: access via the elevator

Keys: you will get a keycard from the porter at Getreidemarkt

Microphones: you will get microphones from our technicians


variable seating options (a maximum of 180 people)

Cinema: 150 people

Classroom: 84 people

Banquer: 96 people

U-shape: 35 people

Reception with cocktailt tables: 180 people

Rectangle: 40 people

Projector: 2 are mounted in the room

HDMI: available

VGA: available

Resolution: 1920 x 1200 pixel / Format: 16:10

Screen: Dimensions 2,2 m  x 3,5 m / Crank: electronic

Microphones: 4 hand microphones, 6 Headsets

Frequencies: 9 Frequencies

Lectern: available

Line In: 1 Line In (Cinch)

LectureTube(Streaming): available upon request

Light: 6 groups

Dimming: Blinds(electronic)

Flooring: Parquett in the event room, stone in the entrance, tiles in the kitchen

AC: not available

Ventilation: There are ventilation fountains in the room, wich are controled via a central house system

natural Light: very good

Furnishing: Tables, Chairs, Wardrobe, cocktail tables

High voltage current: 16A and 32A are available in the kitchen

room category: A

Photo TUtheSky cinema seating
Photo TUtheSky cinema seating
Photo TUtheSky classroom
Photo TUtheSky U Shape with cocktail tables
Photo TUtheSky U Shape
Photo TUtheSky banquet