Prechtlsaal - kleiner Teil

general information

Room type: Work room

Address: Karlsplatz 13, 1040 Wien, ground floor

Room code: AA EG 18

Area: 126 m² 

Surrounding rooms: Prechtlsaal großer Teil (the rooms can be combined; Area: 314 m²)

Catering areas: possible in the room

Toilets: 5 m from the room

Accesibility: via the main entrance

keys: you will get a key for the room at the porter Karlsplatz

Microphones: you will get microphones from the porter Karlsplatz

variable Seating options (a maximum of 100 people)

Cinema: 100 people

Classroom: 45

Banquet: 30

U-shape: 30

Reception with cocktail tables: 80

Rectangular: 40

Projector: mounted in the room

HDMI: available / VGA: available

Resolution: 1920 x 1200 pixel / Format: 16:10

Screen: Dimensions 4m  x 3m / Crank: electric

Microphones: 1 Hand microphone

1 frequency

Lectern: available

Line In: 2 Line In / 1 Line Out / 

Light: 4 groups

Dimming: Blinds(manualy)


Flooring: stone tiles

AC: not available

Ventilation: available

natural Light: very good

furnishing: Tables, Chairs, Poster walls

Room category: A