Current measures for events

Internal and external events (e.g. academic celebrations, conferences, concerts, etc.) can be coordinated and carried out taking into account applicable Corona regulations of the City of Vienna, opens an external URL in a new window and in cooperation with the GUT event service.

In order to contain the spread of COVID-19 and to safeguard your health, we ask that you observe the following rules of conduct at TU Wien. Please communicate the rules of conduct to all participants. The organizer is responsible for checking compliance.


  • FFP2-Masks: Wearing an FFP2 mask is strongly recommended for events and lectures until further notice. During meetings, if a safe distance cannot be maintained and/or a team member or colleague requests that FFP2 masks be worn, consideration must be shown and FFP2 masks are recommended.
  • Safety distance: Please keep your distance from other persons.
  • Hygiene: Regular hand and surface disinfection.
  • Opening hours: The house rules of the TU Wien apply (events are allowed only in the period from 05 - 24 o'clock).
  • If you are unwell or ill, it is absolutely necessary to refrain from being present on the TU Campus.

The person responsible for the meeting shall develop and implement a COVID-19 prevention concept for meetings with more than 500 persons. The district administrative authority shall check compliance with the COVID-19 prevention concept on a random basis. The COVID-19 prevention concept shall be kept available for this purpose for the duration of the meeting and shall be presented to the district administrative authority upon request. A COVID-19 representative shall be appointed. 

The COVID-19 prevention concept shall include, in particular:

  • specific hygiene measures,
  • regulations concerning the behavior in the event of a SARS-CoV-2 infection,
  • regulations concerning the use of sanitary facilities,
  • if necessary, regulations concerning the consumption of food and beverages,
  • regulations concerning the control of the flow of people
  • regulations concerning the training of employees with regard to hygiene measures

Designation of COVID-19 representative.

Only suitable persons may be appointed as COVID-19 representatives. At a minimum, such suitability requires knowledge of the COVID-19 prevention concept and local conditions and organizational procedures. The COVID 19 representative serves as a contact person for the authorities and must monitor the implementation of the COVID 19 prevention concept.

The serving of food and drinks is permitted. At internal events FFP2 masks are still recommended. The mask can be removed during the consumption of food and beverages.

All rooms, furniture, surfaces (door handles, light switches, elevator buttons, etc.) and technology are thoroughly cleaned and disinfected before and after each event.

Rehearsals may take place again. Choirs, brass bands and other music groups must follow the 2G+ rule (vaccinated, recovered + tested).