TU Forum 2020

27th TU Forum: Corona and science

How does science help us to overcome the corona crisis? At the TU Forum, we take a look at the COVID 19 pandemic from very different perspectives. What can health science tell us, and what should politics learn from it? Which data can we use to better understand the pandemic? How can research results from the field of environmental microbiology be applied to the current situation? And how do we deal with the financial consequences - is it possible to insure against a pandemic?

These and many other questions were discussed on 6.10.2020 by a top-class panel at TU Wien

At the podium:

  • Martin Sprenger, Public Health, Medical University Graz
  • Julia Eisenberg, Risk Management and Actuarial Science, TU Wien
  • Andreas Farnleitner, Environmental Microbiology and Molecular Diagnostics, TU Vienna
  • Allan Hanbury, Datamining and Information Retrieval, TU Vienna
  • Moderation: Norbert Fiala

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