The head is responsible for planning, ongoing communication controlling, strategy adaptation if necessary, summative evaluation and is in charge of internal (faculty PR officers) and external (Uni.PR, EUPRIO) networking. New projects are developed up to "production maturity" and are included in the task portfolio. Communication consulting also falls within the area of responsibility.

Internal Communication

Internal communication includes the feedback of the published opinion into the TU Wien (essential instrument is the daily press review (Intranet) of the TU Wien).
The reporting system and the editor-in-chief of the staff newspaper TU|frei.haus is the responsibility of press spokeswoman Bettina Kunnert.

The top-down flow of information, i.e. the communication of relevant committee decisions (Rectorate, University Management, Senate, Unirat) in cooperation with the Rectorate members to the members of the TU, is just as much a part of the responsibilities as information campaigns for special topics.

Furthermore, the Service Unit of PR and Marketing supports the communication of central services and projects in-house and organizes information events, etc.

Head PR and Marketing

Herbert Kreuzeder



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