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Cultural Collisions

Cultural Collisions is an internationally proven, interdisciplinary art and science education format that allows students to gain access to the world of science and approach complex topics through artistic exploration.

The artistic-creative engagement of students with technical and scientific topics is intended to promote early inspiration for the later choice of a field of study and to counteract the shortage of young talent in the STEM professions.

Young people are often unaware of the diversity of technology. As a result, they know little or often nothing about the different career fields. In addition, outdated role models are still prevalent, and stereotypes discourage girls from studying technology.


We face the following challenges and want to counteract them with Cultural Collisions:

  • Motivating students to study STEM fields,
  • break stereotypes,
  • improve the image of technical professions and
  • mastering the challenges of the future with suitable skilled personnel.

Program elements

Scientists of the TU Wien prepare technological topics scientifically and bring them closer to artists, students and educators.

Artists translate the technical problems into works of art, exhibit them in the museum and inspire through a different perspective.

The inspiration conveyed stimulates the students' own creativity and enthusiasm.

Pupils and teachers experience a topic both through the scientific preparation and through the artistic staging and deal with the topic in class. The museums teach the students how to deal professionally with the creation of a work of art.

Selected students have the opportunity to exhibit their artwork in the museum and present it to their families, school colleagues and the public.

Target group

The project extends over a period of 5 years. The target group consists of students (10 - 14 years), educators and parents.

Focus on climate change

drawn skyscrapers - above it is written cities/buildings; next: drawn cable with leaf in cable - above it is written energy; next: drawn factory - above it is written production/technologies; next: drawn tree - above it is written resources/materials; next: drawn car - above it is written (e-)mobility

Cooperation partners

The project is carried out in cooperation with renowned partners from the fields of art, culture and education.

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Nicole Moneta, BSc

Overall project management and fundraising
Phone: +43 1 58801 406808   

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Dr. Michael Hoch 

Content-related project management and coordination 

Your participation

Your commitment as sponsor and supporter

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Support this unique project for the promotion of our young talent and strengthen your visibility among young audiences. In doing so, you position yourself as a TOP employer and strengthen your own CSR activities.

Your commitment supports

  • Raising awareness among students, parents and educators about the possibilities and opportunities of technical studies
  • awakening students' interest in art and technology
  • access to art and culture - especially for less educated groups

Your participation as a school

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More info on the process and participation will follow in the coming weeks. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact