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Student Handbook

The TU Wien Student Handbook is published once a year at the beginning of the semester.
It is addressed to prospective students, students, parents and educational advisors and offers valuable guidance.
All bachelor's and master's degrees at the TU Wien are clearly shown.
In addition to data and facts, students will find important information about service facilities that support everyday study life.
Further studies for graduates of the TU Wien are also shown.
The Student Handbook is a companion with helpful answers from the start of your studies to the alumni. The distribution takes place at Austria's largest education fairs, school visits and student advice.

Key data

Target audience:

High-school graduate


  • Format: 148 x 210 mm
  • Paper: 4c, high-quality
  • Print run: 5.000 copies
  • Personal distribution

Publication dates:

October 2020 (copy deadline/printing deadline: September 2, 2020)