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With around 30,000 students and approx. 4,800 employees, TU Wien is Austria's largest scientific-technical research and teaching institution. At TU Wien, we have been conducting research, teaching and learning under the motto 'Technology for People' for over 200 years.


Our graduates and researchers make a significant contribution to the transfer of knowledge and technology in society and industry, ensuring that TU Wien has a vital role in securing the innovative capacity of Austria as a centre for research and guaranteeing the country’s ability to compete on the global stage.

TU Wien is launching an extensive fundraising programme which aims to maintain its competitiveness in the fields of teaching and research going forward and to guarantee the quality of its research and teaching.

The objective of these fundraising efforts is to provide permanent support to students and develop the facilities and equipment at TU Wien. Above all, it is essential to safeguard autonomous, competitive fundamental research and to support outstanding research projects. The funding generated will go towards supporting TU Wien’s capacity to innovate and ensuring that its research remains competitive. In addition, this will make TU Wien a more attractive destination to outstanding researchers and professors from within Austria and the rest of the world.

To achieve these objectives, TU Wien requires patrons, sponsors and supporters, and sustainable partnerships within business and industry. TU Wien’s extensive fundraising programme benefits from each and every donation.