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Sponsoring and advertising

TU Wien allows companies to create a permanent presence among students and teaching staff. We will develop a concept with you, tailored to your individual requirements, and enable your company to boost its image.


Room sponsorship

Room sponsorships enable companies to boost their image in the university environment and present themselves as an attractive employer and partner to those at the university.


If you sponsor an event, your company name and logo will appear on all relevant information (e.g. invitations, posters, etc.) used to promote and organise the event. Sponsoring an event therefore enables you to raise your company’s profile among your chosen audience and strengthen your brand.

Advertising at TU Wien

All campuses have a vast amount of advertising space inside their buildings. This includes special forms of advertising, such as stickers for stairs and floors, as well as numerous other forms of advertising, both for products and employer branding. We will develop a concept with you to help your company achieve its advertising objectives. You can find further information here.

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