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General donations

By making a general donation, you help TU Wien to carry out strategic projects and enable the university to allocate your donation to one or more selected projects. The flexibility this provides will speed up the implementation of strategically significant university projects.


Leaving a legacy for the benefit of TU Wien helps to support the core activities of a university — research and teaching. In addition, an individual or their relatives may make a donation to TU Wien in their memory, whereby a donation is made in lieu of a wreath or flowers following a bereavement. This is a touching and significant gesture that symbolises a connection that continues even after death.


Foundations enable you to support our academics' work on a long-term basis during your lifetime. You can choose how you would like the revenue from your foundation to be used.

Tax deductibility

TU Wien is a recognised charitable organisation, which means that donations from private individuals and from companies are tax deductible.

Since 01/01/2017, private individuals no longer need to declare their donations to the tax authorities. This is now done by TU Wien on their behalf. The only details required are your full name and date of birth.

Sponsorship may be treated as an operational expense if the payment is for advertising activities, provided that the payment is proportionate to the advertising services rendered.


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