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The Fundraising and Community Relations team focuses on developing, coordinating and implementing TU-wide fundraising and sponsoring projects. We work with you or your specialist team to develop tailor-made concepts.


Bank account

Raiffeisenlandesbank NÖ-Wien AG
F.-W.-Raiffeisenplatz 1
1020 Vienna
IBAN: AT46 3200 0000 0061 1228
Technische Universität Wien/Hauptkonto
Reason for transfer: S999000-0002           

If, as a private individual, you wish to claim the donation as a tax deduction, we kindly ask you to provide your full name according to your residence registration form, and your date of birth (DD. MM.YYYY) in the designated use field (Verwendungszweck). TU Wien will then make the necessary notification to the tax authorities for you. For more information, please refer to the information on automatic tax deduction of the Federal Ministry of Finance, opens an external URL in a new window.
For data protection reasons, data is transmitted in encrypted form. Your donations will then be automatically included in your tax file.
If you donate as a company, TU Wien can then send you a confirmation of the donation.

Your donation will be handled by us in a responsible manner.

Dipl.-Ing. Michael Kaiser

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Head Fundraising and Community Relations

T +43-1-58801-406800

Mag. Claudia Bochinz

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Fundraising and Community Relations
T +43-1-58801-406806

Dagmar Hengl

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Fundraising and Community Relations
T +43-1-58801-406801

Mag.(FH) Liane Knapp

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TU Campus Advertising

T +43-1-58801-406802, opens in new window

Nicole Schipani

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Fundraising and Community Relations

T +43-1-58801-406803