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Internationalisation at TU Wien

Specialist Unit Internationalisation und Support (E063_02)

The specialist area “Internationalisation and Support” is entrusted with agendas of strategic projectmanagement in the range of activities related to internationalisation.  Monitoring of “TU Wien International” and the concrete implementation of with the Rectorate and the Faculties co-ordinated projects in the field of internationalisation belong to the main task areas.

The term "internationalisation" refers to efforts by the university management and the faculties to refocus the manifold international  activities at TU Wien along defined strategic objectives. This oriented action should also be measured by the extent to which the quality in research, teaching and studies can be consciously increased. The service facilities are also included.

"TU Wien International" as a strategic concept provides the framework for this. Along with four strategic guidelines, the objectives and measures of the Rectorate and measures of the Faculties are defined. Among other things, the specialist area is entrusted with the implementation of concrete measures or projects.

TU Wien is a cosmopolitan university and embodies internationality in its teaching, research and services.

Internationalisation increases the quality of research and teaching and also integrates the necessary service facilities.

  1. TU Wien orientates its international exchanges with excellent universities according to strategic considerations.
  2. TU Wien strengthens its opportunities for systematically recruiting qualified students, junior scientists and professors from abroad by creating an attractive, intercultural research and study environment.
  3. TU Wien promotes the international mobility of its students, junior scientists and professors.
  4. TU Wien strives to improve its international visibility and marketing.


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