Training and Further Education

The internal training program lies at the core of human resources development. Target group-specific, tailor-made and varied, the internal program offers the opportunity to further one's education together with colleagues of the TU Wien and to establish interesting networks at the same time. Not all needs for trainings can be covered by the internal PE programme, therefore the TU Wien also offers support for external seminars.

The human resources development program of the TU Wien offers different formats for a wide range of conditions. In order to meet as many needs as possible, we offer the following virtual formats, which are also coordinated with the respective contents.

  • Presence: An offer that is held at a certain time and place by a trainer in the personal presence of the participants.
  • E-learning: An offer that can be completed independently and flexibly in terms of time and space and is available on TUWEL, e.g. a learning video.
  • Webinar: A virtual offer, which is held by a trainer in a certain time frame.
  • Hybrid: An offer that is held simultaneously as webinars and face-to-face sessions.
  • Blended learning: an offer consisting of presence and e-learning elements

Take a look at our program in TISS and choose: would you prefer to work at your own pace, do you appreciate working in groups, do you want variety, there is something for everyone.

Training and education serve to strengthen job-related and interdisciplinary competences and are designed and carried out specifically to meet the needs of the staff. For this purpose, there is an advisory service on content-related, conceptual and methodological issues, and trainers can be arranged if required. In training courses, professional competences and their area-specific implementation possibilities can be developed, for example, personal time management, taking into account organisation-specific framework conditions and team pouvoir. Qualification programmes for specific target groups can consist of several thematically and content-related training courses.

Our offers are tailored for the following target groups:

  •     New employees
  •     Academic staff
  •     Administrative staff
  •     Leaders
  •     Parents & caretakers

Where can I find further information?

    our external continuing education - see below
    Registration for courses at TISS
    Map of the air pavilion

Cooperation partners:

    External partners: TU Wien cooperates with a pool of professional and popular trainers, which is constantly being expanded if new expertise is needed. Each of our external trainers must have gender and diversity competence, which must be proven through further training.
    Internal partners: Our TU internal experts provide valuable information and knowledge transfer from their fields of work and competences by holding various seminars.
    BOKU University: Since 2016, we established a cooperation with the BOKU Wien. Both our employees and colleagues from BOKU can attend selected seminars and workshops at the corresponding university and thus continue their education and networking across universities.

Competence catalogue, opens an external URL in a new window: The competence catalogue describes the core competences for TU Wien employees to successfully carry out their work.

I am pleased that there is such an extensive further education program for the employees of the TU Wien!

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