Training and external Further Education

What we support

We support all departments of the TUW in HR issues. The offers promote job-related and interdisciplinary action competences of employees and leaders with the aim of strengthening them for current and future professional situations. In doing so, we focus on the needs of the different target groups and the requirements of different subject areas in order to develop appropriate formats.

We cannot and do not want to meet all the training needs of our employees. Seminars for professional further education are very specifically designed and even TU has too small a target group, so that an internal event is often not worthwhile.

In addition, every organisation should always risk the view to the outside and from the outside in order to locate its own location from different perspectives and to be able to promote comprehensive development.

This exchange takes place primarily in national and international networks, but specialist seminars and congresses are also suitable for this purpose.

Among the innumerable organisers active in the continuing education market, there are some with whom the TU Wien has particularly good experience, or companies that offer universities particularly favourable conditions.

Overview of the cooperation partners and links to the respective offers.

The same general conditions regarding financial support apply here as for external further education.

Continuing Education Center of the TU Wien

Since 2005, the Continuing Education Center, opens an external URL in a new window (CEC) of the TU Wien has been the central institution for all (postgraduate) university programs and continuing education courses. We currently offer various Master's programs (Master of Science, Master of Business Administration, Master of Engineering) and university courses dealing with topics of technology, management and leadership. Depending on the thematic focus, the individual programs are related to either the Engineering School, opens an external URL in a new window or the Management School, opens an external URL in a new window. The postgraduate studies can be interdisciplinary and complementary on the one hand, or they can be a supplement to the previous initial studies on the other hand. In addition, the CEC portfolio includes seminars, opens an external URL in a new window of several days' duration on topics from the special fields of the TU Wien.

Accreditations by recognised international institutions mark the high quality of postgraduate education at the TU Wien. In addition to the transfer of current and future-oriented knowledge, students and alumni benefit from a lively alumni network.

Universität Wien

course offer, opens an external URL in a new window

Federal Academy of Public Administration

course offer, opens an external URL in a new window

Under certain conditions, the TU Wien also supports its employees in further education, which is held by external providers.

Procedure: An application form must be filled out for each external continuing education course after the employee interviews. As part of the annual budget planning, please submit the form for all external continuing education courses of an organizational unit to the HR Department.

In order to process external training within your area of responsibility, department heads will receive an e-mail with relevant information twice a year.

Institutes can submit an application using the Excel , opens a file in a new window application list.

If you are applying for financial support, please observe the relevant guidelines (see documents).


The TU Wien supports employees (including temporary and project staff) who have the necessary German language skills for their tasks, and therefore contributes the following amounts from the budget of the External Continuing Education (EWB)

  • 50% of the German course costs: The basis is the Language Centre of the University of Vienna (this is 180 Euros for a 4-hour semester course; the employees can choose the training institute themselves, but there is a maximum of 180 Euros for a semester course, for shorter courses 50% of the course costs), if the following criteria apply:
  • In principle, we only support language courses that are in the interest of the employer and are also paid by the employer (the invoice must be made out to the TU Wien, no refunding of an invoice to the employee, this has income tax reasons)
  • There is no equivalent internal PE
  • The PE supports rounded 100 teaching units for courses from one level to the next (A1->A2->B1->B2->C1->C2).
  • It is necessary for employees to pass an exam at the end of the course (a rebooking of a cost grant from the TU Wien to the specified cost center/SAP internal order will only be made after a positive certificate/proof of language competence has been submitted).
  • PreDocs are supported by the PE up to level C1.
  • C2 (native language level) is only supported for employees in career positions or for appointed professors.

The Institute must submit an application for external continuing education using the form provided (Excel, opens a file in a new window).

German courses are offered, for example:


The Competence Catalogue (=Infosheet on Functional Description) describes the most important core competences that the employees of the TU Wien need for the successful performance of their tasks.

The Excel form for your organizational unit is available here., opens a file in a new window

If a repayment agreement is necessary, these documents apply:

Guideline external further education, opens an external URL in a new window

Request, opens an external URL in a new window

Agreement, opens an external URL in a new window