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Welcome to the OnlineMentoring of the TU Wien!

Starting a course, or choosing the right course, poses certain challenges. Does the course suit me? How and where do I sign up? Are there any learning groups? All of us have already asked these questions ourselves, and we are happy to help you with them too. TU Wien is committed to closing the gender gap and achieving a good balance of women to men in all technical courses and study programmes. Our OnlineMentoring service gives schoolgirls and female students only just starting their studies the opportunity to share information relevant to all the issues mentioned above, and many more besides, with female students who have completed more semesters. How it all works can be found here.




We have a team of female mentors to assist you with any questions you might have about studying at TU Wien. Perhaps you want to find out whether studying for a technical degree is the right course for you, or you are just starting out and need help with the structures. Once you have completed the registration form and sent it off, we will connect you with your female mentor online, so you can start exchanging e-mails one-to-one!

Our OnlineMentoring service is aimed at:

  •     Schoolgirls aged 16 or over
  •     Female school leavers
  •     Female first-year students at TU Wien


You can apply at any time during the year. Depending on whether you are a schoolgirl or a female student, complete the relevant registration form and we will then connect you with your female mentor online. You can then get started straight away!

You can take advantage of the mentoring programme for 2 semesters.

Are you already in your third semester and would like to pass on what you have learned? Then apply using the application form for female mentors. We will get in contact with you as soon as possible.



Online mentoring serves to support and encourage female students and first-year students at the Vienna University of Technology. The project background is the fact that women in technical subjects are still strongly underrepresented. Only rarely do they choose "typically male" occupational fields such as mechanical engineering, process engineering, computer science, electrical engineering or civil engineering. Not because they can not, but because female role models are missing and wrong stereotypes are stored in the mind. OnlineMentoring would like to encourage and say: "Yes, you can!"

Benefits for you as a female mentee are:

  • an increasing self-confidence for pursuing a technical degree
  • appreciation and encouragement for being a woman in a field dominated by men
  • an extended insight into the study and structures at the TU Wien

Benefits for you as a  female mentor are:

  • it brings joy and self-assurance to help others
  • your own perspective as a student becomes clearer
  • the acquired experience as a mentor can also be used in later careers


If you are interested and want to find out who the female mentors are and why they became mentors, then take a look here.

Otherwise, we hope we have answered all your questions here, and we look forward to receiving your application! If you still have some unanswered questions, however, feel free to contact me at the e-mail address shown on the right.

There is also more information to be found under "I'm going to be a technician, opens an external URL in a new window".

We hope your technical studies get off to a great start!