The certificate "gender and diversity competence" serves as a prove of competence concerning consideration of gender and diversity aspects. The focus is on raising awareness and sensitization with regard to the dimensions that are protected by law against discrimination, in especially gender, age, world view, physical and mental abilities, sexuality, and ethnicity. Those dimensions of diversity will be analysed in the context of structural inequalities and power relations as well as unconscious biases in order to enable students to develop inclusive measures.

Gender and diversity are cross-cutting issues that must always be considered in the context of other topics. Therefore, this certificate offers students the opportunity to deal in depth with the linkage of gender and diversity with science, technology and society and to reflect on their own role as technicians and the responsibility that goes along with it in this context. Gender and diversity competence are increasingly sought-after skills on the labor market, which lead to a high level of employability and are part of innovative personnel development and a modern understanding of leadership.


Graduates of this certificate are able to

  • think competently about gender and diversity dimensions in a variety of contexts
  • analyse power relations and unconscious biases
  • recognize (structural) inequalities and to contribute to more inclusion
  • recognize and break down stereotypical representations of gender and gender roles
  • understand, analyse and reflect on the linkages between gender and diversity with science, technology and society
  • bring gender and diversity competence in their professional life and to actively use this competence for their career.

This certificate is designed to enable graduates to responsibly contribute to "meeting societal challenges" as defined in §1 UG 2002. The skills acquired are based on the knowledge of theories, principles and methods of gender and diversity management as well as of science-technology-society studies.

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Can I also complete the additional certificate in gender and diversity competence as an "external person"?
To complete the certificate, you must be enrolled at TU Wien, otherwise no certificates for the courses can be issued.

Can I have courses that I have completed at other universities credited towards the certificate?
We have to look at this on a case-by-case basis. Please contact us at