gender resources

We don't discriminate against women and we have no problem with women!

Are you sure? This homepage serves as a resource for all those who, as managers, superiors, or even colleagues, are to make a contribution towards increasing the proportion of women at TU Wien. It provides information in three stages, covering the initial situation (Plan to promote women, Facts and Figures), the causes (Background), and possible courses of action (Measures, Language).
Please don't roll your eyes and think that the promotion of women is already using up too many resources and that nowadays, women are favoured over men anyway. Facts and figures tell a different story. Above all, think about what everyone could gain if we created women-friendly framework conditions in teaching and research.

So instead, think more about

  • working conditions in the field of science that are not characterised by self-exploitation, precariousness and danger of burning out;
  • a promotion of young scientists, which is based on respect and appreciation and includes all junior staff on an equal level;
  • an increased transparency in decision-making, such as, for example, in filling career positions or in the appointment procedure for professorships.

If this has made you curious, you can find detailed information and numerous materials on the topic of science and gender on the sub-pages of this homepage.
The gender competence department hopes you find these reading materials interesting and enjoyable, and wishes you success for its implementation.


Portrait Brigitte Ratzer Brigitte Ratzer
Leiterin der Abteilung Genderkompetenz