Compliance-Titelbild, Compliance Officers mit juristische Icons

Organisation of the service unit compliance

[Translate to English:] Grafik zum Thema Compliance Organisation. Genauere Informationen dazu finden Sie direkt danach im Text. Die Compliance Organisation verfügt über ein Compliance Regelwerk sowie über ein Meldesystem.

Joint responsibilities of compliance officers

  • Development of a compliance management system
  • Maintenance of the flow of information with experts and employees
  • Update and management of compliance provisions and the reporting system
  • Determination of areas of risk and risk assessment for the future (risk analysis)
  • Training and guidance for employees, including management
  • Process evaluation, optimisation and restructuring
  • Support for the implementation and improvement of internal control systems and processes
  • Written specification of rules and processes in the relevant area of responsibility
  • Reporting to management

Responsibilities of the Compliance Officer Non-Scientific Area

  • Organisation development (structure and governance)
  • Investment management (rules of procedure, decisions)
  • Rules of procedure (University Council, Rectorate)
  • Corporate identity

Responsibilities of the Compliance Officer Research

  • Data protection law and law pertaining to data in research
  • Data protection coordination with the Vice Rectorate for Research and Innovation
  • Information security coordination with the Vice Rectorate for Research and Innovation
  • Assistant data protection officer at TU Wien