CSD Tasks

CSD-Tasks are change requests and new requirements for further development of TISS and the associated systems. All change requests and new requirements are collected exclusively by the CSD Client-Management, standardized and comprehensibly structured for the steering group.

Die CSD steering group represents the rectorate and prioritizes the processing of CSD tasks on a quarterly basis.

Currently open and in progress CSD tasks in indefinite order

Improving the user experience in TISS teaching.


  • Service for deans of studies
  • Cost & interdepartmental studies
  • Improvement of assignment
  • Exam agendas
  • Anonymous communication with students
  • Teaching costs project assistants
  • Service for students

Creation of an electronic act for students/student applicants.


  • Recognition of digital documents
  • Establish interface to TU-DMS
  • Adaptation of online pre-registration
  • Establishment of a recognition workflow
  • Merge with Student Self-Service, graduation
  • Clarification of access by students
  • Admission procedure

Implementation of a document management system.


  • Concept development
    • Concept and structure - Creating DMS GUT
    • Implementation / Structure DMS
  • Workflow Engine
    • Personnel decision process VRI
    • Collection of further ideas
    • Tender workflow
  • Organization NEW

Ensuring, maintaining and extending internal and external interfaces.


  • SAP
  • JTISS API Documentation
  • REST API & Open Data Interfaces
  • TUWEL person interface

Completion of the research portfolio.


  • Facelift
  • Adjustments interface, lists
  • FPF version 2

Verbesserung der User Experience in TISS Forschung.


  • Semantische Suche
  • Responsive Design

Establish or improve information management in TISS.


  • Dispatches
  • Dispatches NEW
  • Information for your attention
  • Dealing with mailbox noreply@tiss.tuwien.ac.at
  • General Information & Service
  • Gender-neutral or gender-appropriate wording
  • Concept Channels - TISS Dashboard
  • Integration LVA-Forums
  • Student e-mails
  • Implementation
  • Feedback form for service providers
  • Display of absences in Outlook calendar


Improvement of the TISS address book.


  • Search
  • Display

Mapping of the organizational structure in TISS.


  • SAP-TISS interface
  • Address book
  • TISS Teaching
  • TISS Research
  • Roles and rights
  • Conception and documentation

Adaptation of Mobility Services.


  • Erasmus & Other Mobility Programs
  • Extended additional requirements

Support and technically enable data maintenance in departments.


  • Room data
  • Study data
  • Chancery Information System

Improve curricula and integrate degree completion into TISS.


  • Data Model
  • Workflow Curriculum 
  • Rules for curricula - exam chains and admission requirements
  • Work package Exam chains
  • Rules for Curricula - Transitional Provisions
  • Adjustments STEOP

Optimization of the infrastructure management integrated in TISS.


  • Locking system for boxes
  • Parking lot
  • Barrier-free paths
  • Internal events
  • GUT Event Management
  • Locking system NEW
  • Library locker

Revision of the roles and rights system.


  • Automated roles
  • Revision of roles/teaching
  • Revision of roles
  • Manually assigned roles
  • Rights

Further development PDB New.


  • Masks / Usability (incl. creation and administration of projects)
  • Masks / Usabillity Prioritized topics
  • Controlling and Project Controlling
  • Controlling - Prioritized Topics
  • Research Support
  • General
  • Data import/export

Extensions to support event management, employee reviews or talent management.


  • Course Administration
    • Registration for students
    • Registration for external persons 
    • Extension of the workflow for events
    • Administration of participants
    • Admission requirements and certificates
    • Extension of filters
    • Equivalence groups
  • Employee interview
    • Planning and documentation of employee interviews
    • Statistics on employee interviews
  • External training
    • Approval workflow
    • Statistics on further education
    • Linking with appraisal interviews
  • Talent management
  • Feedback sheet upon leaving
  • Student survey


Support appointment and application processes and onboarding for new employees.


  • Appointment process
  • Online application
  • Expert opinion
  • Status Reporting
  • Applicant Management
  • Application process
  • Application workflow
  • Childcare

Measures to strategically align international exchange relationships with excellent universities worldwide.


  • Strategic alignment of int. exchange relations with excellent universities worldwide
    • IT tools for automated analysis of cooperations
  • Promotion of international mobility of students, young scientists and professors

Currently, recognitions are entered manually. There is an inefficient workflow between the study department, dean's office and students that ends with recognized exams being entered into the system individually by an MA of the study department. There is an inefficient workflow between the study department, the dean's office and the students that ends with recognized exams being entered into the system individually by a member of the study department.


  • Status survey of the existing TISS help
  • Definition of necessary contents with prioritization
  • Structure development and standardization of the existing structure
  • Update of existing documentation and extension
  • Update / supplement English version
  • Set up and implement process for quality assurance of created content
  • Set up and implement process for updating during operation

Content of User Experience Research - Research Marketplace will be integrated here. Former research portal, development of a research platform incl. "Intention of Submission" portal.


  • Research Infrastructure Database
  • Interfaces
  • "Intention of submission" portal

Connection of a plagiarism software (turnitin) to TISS for automated analysis of final theses


Approval process for theses

Rework existing parts of TISS to improve the performance, maintainability, and security of the TISS source code.


  • LVA Administration
  • Messaging
  • TUphone
  • Accessibility
  • TISS Redesign
  • Deconstruction LVA Evaluation Old

Implementation of a new PublDB in a modern repository system.


  • Migration publication database (PubDB)
  • AIP Import
  • Adaptation CRIS software
  • Submission
  • Statistics and publication lists
  • Archive
  • DSpace Administration
  • Researcher Profile
  • Repository
  • Collection Requirements ReposiTUm
  • User Interface (Layout Publications)

A new system is to be sought or implemented.

Additional functionality for the study completion module.


  • Extension Commissions
  • Document upload
  • Irregular studies
  • Flat-rate credits
  • Interfaces
    • Dispatches and notifications
    • Interface personnel administration
    • Adjustments to ORG-neu
  • CEC
  • Usability improvements
    • Usability Dashboard
    • Usability appointment management
    • Usability closure submission
    • Usability closing templates
    • Usability Zeuniszurodnung
  • Responsive design of student registration
  • Document customization
    • Customization of degree certificate
    • Other document customizations
    • Additional documents
    • Specifications study department
  • Distribution of grades in the Diploma Supplement

Support doctoral-specific processes through TISS in integrating vagaries into the degree completion module of TISS and in dissertation agreement.


  • Admission Office - Doctorate 
    • Data entry
    • Documents
  • Dissertation Agreement

TUdo´s sollen ein neues zentrales Service von TISS werden, welches allfällige TUdo s eines_r TISS Userin auf der Startseite von TISS anzeigt. TUdo sollen automatisiert ausgelöst und zugewiesen werden können (bspw. ein neuer Mitarbeiter fängt an - Erinnerung Dienstvertrag unterschreiben geht raus, Checkliste für unmittelbaren Vorgesetzten ist hinterlegt was alles für On-boarding zu tun ist). Ebenso soll es aber auch die Möglichkeit geben TUdo s manuell zuweisen zu können (Bspw. Unterweisung Laborbenutzung).


  • TUdo im Onboarding
  • TUdo Unterweisungen

The educational institution ID is expanded by the Ministry from one (E) to two letters (UE). TISS must be adapted to this change.

Enhancements in the current research portfolio.

Due to changed requirements, a new task was created in order to be able to perform a new bundling and prioritization of requirements.

The aim is to prevent multiple data entry. The goal is automated data synchronization between the TU Vienna and internal IT systems.


  • DMAP- DMP tool requirements
  • DMP tool minimum viable product implementation
  • System architecture
  • Integration TU Vienna

The GUT department is currently a relatively isolated organizational unit with many of its own (IT) solutions. The goal of the digital transformation is to create transparent structures and processes, especially with regard to personnel upheavals in the near future. To this end, the existing processes and IT solutions of GUT are to be analyzed on the one hand. The digitization - and associated optimization - of the processes is aimed at increasing efficiency and customer satisfaction. The integration of the currently existing digital solutions into the CSD portfolio relieves GUT and frees up further resources for specialist activities.

Topics and related existing TISS tasks:

  • Document Management System
  • Drupal - RoRo
  • Occupational safety 
  • Room database (Sync Teaching) 
  • Teaching room offensive TSC
  • Activation of teaching rooms
  • TUW Navigation System
  • Event management
  • Digital duty book
  • Digitization of maintenance and repair processes
  • Digitization of construction processes / collaboration

The digitalization - and thus Optimized TISS <-> TUWEL Connection 2 (OTTA 2). The interfaces and development processes between TISS and TUWEL are to be better aligned.


  • LectureTube


Former (12.01/16 Raumdaten)

Currently, there are several databases on and about the buildings and rooms of the TU Vienna. These databases are hosted and maintained by different departments. These databases are to be merged centrally in TISS.


  • Room database V2 
  • GUT room data in address book (completed)
  • Replacement of Access database (completed)

The successor program to Erasmus+ will start in 2021/22. In addition to the content, there will also be administrative innovations, which are summarized under the keyword "Erasmus without Papers (EWP)".


  • Incomings
  • Outgoings
  • API s to the EWP Network
  • Mobiltiy Contracts
  • Online Learning Agreement (OLA) 
  • Scholarship payment


Interfaces between funding bodies and universities for the exchange of data on third-party funded projects are to be defined and implemented. The TU Vienna has the lead in this project. The project is scheduled for 4 years

Research centers already have a reservation system of their facilities in use. Based on this, an accounting tool is requested. There is an existing development at the HZB (Heimholtz Zentrum Berlin - Bessy), which is made available to the TU Vienna, a possible integration into the TU Vienna systems is to be checked and implemented if necessary.

Joint project with BOKU and FAW to implement a case management system based on Alfresco Digital Business Framework. The project originates from the requirements for a contract management. A decidedly generic approach was chosen for the implementation in order to be able to implement not only contract management, but also various requirements, such as student file or construction project management.


  • Basic Case Management System
  • Cooperation contracts (International Office)
  • Research and transfer support
  • License agreements
  • Student file

AHESN was established according to § 7b Education Documentation Act " ... for the purpose of ensuring the proper administration and implementation of joint study programs and jointly established studies ... ". AHESN is understood as an Austria-wide platform for the conception and realization of data exchange formats in the field of study and teaching of all higher education institutions.
AHESN Next addresses the following two main issues:

Establishment of a recognition platform: the recognition process of equivalent examination results across different universities will be simplified and largely automated.
Generalization and extension of the AHESN interfaces with regard to (bilateral) cooperative studies: This includes the abstraction and modeling of curricula and other meta-data as well as the provision of supporting functions. A jointly established study program at several universities is experienced by students as one whose administration functions smoothly.
Duration January 2020 - December 2024
Lead project University of Klagenfurt

During the Corona Lockdown and afterwards numerous measures were taken at the TU Vienna.
Admissions were / are to be regulated and controlled, conversion of teaching to distance or hybrid (distance and on-site teaching), contact tracing within the TU, optimization of calendars, and so on....

In close cooperation with the responsible departments, these measures are supported by TISS and implemented in a timely manner

In the future, all data will be exchanged via interfaces so that direct table access to TISS is not necessary.

Digital signing of documents, on the one hand by means of official signature and on the other hand with personal signature via the A-trust signature box

Requirements for the further development of the PDB with direct benefits for researchers, secretariats, project leaders and project managers.

In the last year, many improvements were made in the PDB, which contributed to the coordination of a multidisciplinary overall representation of the processes as well as to the implementation of technical improvements for a smooth workflow. The data exchange with connected systems was analyzed and, if possible, improved.

The aim of the further development is to focus on the requirements of the project managers as well as on the people who manage the projects at the institute (especially project managers, secretaries).


Collection of requirements for the further development of the project database from various application areas. The goal is to store the requirements in a think tank.

It should be possible to record further project types in the project database in the future:

- Internal research funding
- Golbal budget funded projects
- Processing of small and micro projects (incl. copying function


Internal research funding