Quartaly report I/2020

In the first quarter of 2020 the following tasks were processed. 

Overview Operation

Authentication new
Relocation of Redmine and git
Open Shift 4

Fast Lane

DSDM Transfer from Alfresco Share to Alfresco ADF
TISS redesign
Library thesis interface (search via supervisor / title)
Library Abstract is searched for non-displayable characters
LVA requirements
Automated notifications for SAP Planning & Payroll

TISS Tasks - progress in Q1/2020

PDB Plus - Further development PDB

Application approval - implementation of the requirements, administration of donors/funders, cleaning up the data structure, improvement/unification of the user interface (presentation of the project progress), list of questions, conflict of interest, administration of funding bodies

Repository (Migration ResposiTUm and publication database)

Start of migration ReposiTUm, publication database and verification with DWH, implementation of submit process and associated validation. Definition Style-Guide Frontend started by external company. Additional resources were assigned to the project.

Data Management Plan (Dmap)

The requirements were collected and divided into 2 steps. In the first step the minimum requirements are created based on an analysis of the prototype, possible further developments are documented for possible step 2.

Test evaluation

Result display for administrators, deans of studies, examiners, testingAdmission procedure and aptitude tests
Improvement of the view for administrators and study applicants

Appointment with the study department (time slot)

Scheduling for first-time enrollers: View for the study department, call monitors, adjustments in the UI of the applicants, scheduling for incoming students, completion and testing of the implementation


Adaptation of forms in TISS (for applicants and Mobility Services); adaptation of internal TISS processes

Web services Data network

Connection of the BRZ interfaces, development of changes for general university entrance qualifications

GUT DMS - Lease contracts

Code improvements and adaptations (ongoing development of the ADF by Alfresco). There is a production instance that also supports the development cycle (version control, rolling out new versions, etc.). A first alpha version can be viewed.

Workflow Engine - tendering workflow

Adjustment and conversion of the workflow of general personnel, support of the release process in AlfrescoProcess Services (APS), obtaining collective agreement data from SAP, release workflow general personnel.

Releases NEW

Bug fixes, new filter options

Appointment process

Invitation of guest accounts by deaneries, consideration of duplicated advertisements in eRecruiter.

Refactoring LVA Administration

Announcement workflow: Remove superfluous hackles

Rails 5 Upgrade

Adaptation of all controllers and tests to Rails 5 while maintaining compatibility with Rails 4

Integration Online Payment

Establishing the processes for monthly billing e-payment in SAP. Technical and organizational cooperation with Six-Payment improved

automated LectureTube data synchronization

Initial discussion with the Teaching Support Center, whereby a first sub-project was defined: automated metadata synchronization with the TSC's OpencastStreaming Service.

Learning rooms

Requirements elicitation and start of implementation

Barrier-free paths

A revised prototype was created and can be viewed on a test server. The integration in TISS also includes a graphical/textual description of the barrier-free paths. 

Library Cloakroom Box

Bug fixes, customization of the user interface. Technical improvements: transition to full operation.

Locking system

Bug fixes, adjustments in the user interface. Technical improvements. Transition to full operation.

Internal events

Customize the code base and user interfaces for multi-user operation, including roles and rights system. Creating a simple yet powerful filter function for selecting people at the TU (based on research interests, employment and organizational affiliations).

Room data - Replacement Access database

Identify the requirements of the various stakeholders. Set up the necessary technical infrastructure for integration into TISS. Automatic import from the current GUT-Access database.

Third gender

Extension of the recording of the binary gender by "divers", as well as the collection of a binary "salutation" for students, student employees of teaching, lecturers and examination commissioners.