Current Focus Topics (QIV/2020)

Since March 2016, the Campus Software Development (CSD) department is responsible for the operation and further development of the TU Vienna Information Systems & Services (TISS). The further development of TISS is managed by the TISS Management Group. The steering group represents the Rectorate as client and decision maker. Within the Steering Committee the prioritization of TISS tasks (= change requests and new requirements) is carried out. TISS tasks are collected and processed exclusively by TISS Client Management. The prioritization of TISS-Tasks is done quarterly and determines the work program.

In addition to securing basic operations, the TISS management group has decided on the following work priorities for the fourth quarter of 2020.

The first section contains current tasks, which provide a brief outlook for the fourth quarter of 2020. In the quarterly reports you will find an overview of the progress of the tasks that have been completed

Due to the constantly changing measures that must be taken to prevent the spread of COVID 19, some TASKs are on hold. As soon as these resources become free again, the corresponding tasks will be processed further. 

Interface teaching costs TISS/DWH - completed
Mentoring LVA's - completed
Appointment agreement study department (time slot) - completed
Project Database Plus: Redesign Project Facility - completed

Web Services Data Network
Trigger points for data transfer, monitoring of the key figures TU vs. BRZ, extension of the display of data from the data network in TISS

Admission procedure and aptitude tests
Improvement of processes and clarity for prospective students (mandatory steps vs. optional additional services)

Online - admission
Definition of the project scope; integration of the online admission into the existing initial admission/admission masks; extension by online admission with standard/individual prescriptions; extension of the initial admission process by personal contact during admission tests (Messe Wien)

Learning rooms
Dynamic definition of learning rooms (which rooms are learning rooms, in coordination with the RaumDB

Introduction of official signature
Upload various TISS generated documents to Alfresco for official signature, complete the required metadata, long paper validation (includes archive or connection to Alfresco), re-signing of expired signatures, long term validation (LTV)

Accounting tool research centers - On-hold
Requirements elicitation and cost estimation 

TU Data Interfaces - Master Data Synchronization - SAP
The following topics are still open for master data adjustment: Conversion to OZU, Title Mapping Module , Organizational units subsequently delimited in SAP are currently not processed in TISS (low priority)

Release V 1.0, Tests with users of the department GUT, Learning by Doing FB Services should move documents step by step, requirements arising from this will be implemented in further versions, user administration, SAP interface PSP codes

TOKU - Case management (FAW/ Boku) - Basic framework
Search, reminder (reminder for contract expiry or for completion of files), test, start of implementation of dedicated case management requirements

Bug fixing, code review, wording (project team members vs. project assistants). Project closure. Basic considerations for the new project: Sendings Light (simpler UI for the sendings).

Rails 5 Upgrade
Change of the routing from wildcard routes to explicit routes; refactoring which was not yet mandatory for Rails5, but necessary for Rails6

Internal events
Code transfer of the department PE into the new TU-Events. Revision of the user interface. Inclusion of the department i2c.

Feedback form at leaving
The requirement is currently largely implemented, in SAP still has to be defined (customizing table), which AV it exactly concerns - or a workaround has to be inserted in TISS. At the moment the department is clarifying whether a dispatch from SAP directly is possible.

TISS redesign
Formulation of the new "design language" of TISS (Information Design). Creating the "widgets" (design company) and testing in TISS (CSD). Creation of the first widgets in rTISS

Locking system NEW
In consultation with the company PKE, identify individual interfaces, re-program and

appointment process - onhold
Status of the appointment process (application deadline, in review, hearings, proposal of three, ...), creation of the professorship by University Development and Quality Management, workflow from initiation to approval of the advertisement.

Automated SAP invoices
Creation of a catalog of requirements for the SAP connection. Creation of a requirements specification for the implementation in SAP. Adaptation of the UI in TISS, so that the necessary data for an invoice can be queried.

Workflow Engine - tendering workflow - onhold
Workflow and forms for scientific personnel including career positions and project assistants as well as apprentices

Plagiarism software - onhold
Definition of the processes in the life cycle of theses, collection of requirements, integration of the plagiarism software interfaces, implementation of the processes, adaptation of the user interface

Dissertation Agreement
Definition of the processes, elicitation of the requirements, implementation of the processes and the user interface

OTTA 2 - onhold
TUWEL Grades Transfer without CSV, TUWEL Course creation directly from TISS

Automated LectureTube data synchronization
LectureTube scheduling improvements. Concerning 43/20: Analysis and implementation Replacing TUWEL csv import/export through interfaces.

Room data - replacement of Access database - onhold
Switch off the old Access-DB, step-by-step conversion of all external services (jTISS,, teaching rooms, etc.) to the new RaumDB. Adjustments, error correction. New stakeholders (e.g.: events).

Mobility Services (+ Erasmus WithoutPapers)
Concept for the integration of EWP into the processes at the TU, requirements analysis, effort estimation, start of integration Incomings in the student application portal

TU Data Interfaces - Master Data Synchronization - SAP
The following topics are still open for master data adjustment: Conversion to OZU, Title Mapping Module , Organizational units subsequently delimited in SAP are currently not processed in TISS (low priority)

Accounting tool for research centers
Requirements elicitation and cost estimation.

Project database Plus - further development
In addition to reworking the productive implementation concerning project creation new, the focus is now again on the implementation of further prioritized requirements from the theme memory of the VR Research Test Group.

Survey of detailed technical requirements regarding "Publications", e.g. validation process, responsibilities and the corresponding workflows due to the changed framework conditions regarding responsibilities, define metadata for further publication types. Further development ReposiTum (Go-Live reworking)

The following new topics were prioritized for the 4th quarter of 2020

Covid 19 Preventive measures - Corona access
Description: In order to be able to inform possible contact persons in case of an ill person, the building access is recorded for all persons. 
Progress QIII: Concept developed to record all accesses to TU buildings, consultation with GUT, evaluation hardware, integration of QR-Scanner Browser, portal registration for students, QR-Code Generator, registration portal for external persons (companies, events, guests)
Outlook QIV: Since the measures to contain COVID 19 are constantly changing, the motto here is "Reacting to all that is yet to come".