Current Focus Topics (QI/2021)

Since March 2016, the Campus Software Development (CSD) department is responsible for the operation and further development of the TU Vienna Information Systems & Services (TISS). The further development of TISS is managed by the TISS Management Group. The steering group represents the Rectorate as client and decision maker. Within the Steering Committee the prioritization of TISS tasks (= change requests and new requirements) is carried out. TISS tasks are collected and processed exclusively by TISS Client Management. The prioritization of TISS-Tasks is done quarterly and determines the work program.

In addition to securing basic operations, the TISS management group has decided on the following work priorities for the first quarter of 2021.

The first section contains current tasks, which provide a brief outlook for the first quarter of 2021. In the quarterly reports you will find an overview of the progress of the tasks that have been completed.

Dispatches NEW - completed

Rails 5 upgrade - completed

Room data - replacement Access database (former 14.13/19) - completed

Web services data network

Monitoring of key figures TU vs. BRZ, enhancement of the display of data from the data network in TISS, support of data entry by feedback based on network data

Admission procedures and aptitude tests

Completion of current development work. Data deletion is postponed to a later date. New features, are/were spun off into separate sub-tasks.

Online admission

Integration of online admission for master's degree programs into existing initial intake/admission screens. Extension to include online admission with standard/individual prescriptions.

Learning spaces

Still testing and adapting display (campuses vs. locations). Insert links of rooms to TUmaps. Prepare release version 1.0.

Introduction of office signature

Upload further TISS-generated documents to Alfresco for official signature, long paper validation (includes archive or connection to Alfresco), long term validation (LTV).


Revision of metadata in cooperation with FAB customer service and qualities as well as other departments. Release and support during implementation, training

TOKU - Case management (FAW/ Boku) - basic framework

Implementation of FTS requirements, conceptual design for cooperation agreements (International Office)

Internal events / TU events

Completion of code transfer (PE department). Finalize the revision of the roles and rights system. Revise user interface. Integration of the i2c department.

Feedback sheet on exit - onhold

The requirement is currently implemented as far as possible, in SAP it still has to be defined (customizing table) which AV it affects exactly - or a workaround has to be inserted in TISS. Currently, the department is clarifying whether it is possible to send the form directly from SAP.

TISS Redesign

Formulation of the new "design language" of TISS (information design).
Create the "widgets" (design company) and test in TISS (CSD).
Framework rebuild in rTISS.

AHESN next

Acceptance of the implemented interfaces with the University of Vienna. 
Further development of the sending interfaces.

Locking system new

In consultation with PKE, identify, reprogram and replace individual interfaces.

Appointment process

Status of the appointment process (application deadline, in review, hearings, 3-person proposal, ...), creation of the professorship by University Development and Quality Management, workflow from initiation to release of the announcement.

Automated SAP invoices

Creation of a requirements catalog for the SAP connection. Creation of a requirements specification for the implementation in SAP. Adaptation of the UI in TISS so that the necessary data for an invoice can be queried.

Workflow Engine - Tender Workflow

Workflow and forms for scientific staff including career positions and project assistants as well as apprentices.

Plagiarism software

Connection of turnitin to TISS, adaptation of the thesis workflow for plagiarism checking (not in Q1)

OTTA 2 - onhold

Change data transfer between TISS and TUWEL from file export and import to interfaces.

Mobility Services (+ Erasmus without Papers)

Integration Incomings in Student Applicant Portal; API Mobs - Student Applicant Portal; Interfaces to Erasmus + Network.

TU data interfaces - master data adjustment - SAP - onhold

Following topics still open in master data reconciliation: Conversion to OZU, title mapping module. Organizational units subsequently delimited in SAP are currently not processed in TISS (low priority)

Accounting tool research centers - onhold

Requirements gathering and effort estimation.

PDB Plus - further development

Requirements will be transitioned into new tasks. Implementation of application phase and processing of projects is largely completed. Expiring tickets are still being processed. The focus of further development is described in new tasks.

Publications (replacement of ResposiTUm and publication database)

Collection of detailed technical requirements regarding "Publications", e.g. validation process, definition of metadata for additional publication types. Further development of ReposiTUm (rework Go-Live), layout adaptations of dSpace to TU Vienna specifications (and TISS Redesign)

Data Management Plan (Dmap)

Completion and acceptance of prototype by end of January ("Demo release". Further developments to complete version 1 (forms, separation general versions / TU version, additional funding agency information, admin functions)

RIS Synergy

Completion of the use cases and user stories. Begin detailed development of interface definition based on metadata process and continue to train new staff on these topics.

Report additional resources Research

- Dmap: Prototyping (demo release)
- Charm offensive PDB
- Further development PDB based on requirements from the Think Tank PDB
- Integration of new project types (e.g.)Internal research funding)

Covid 19 preventive measures - Corona access

Response to all that is to come.

The following new topics were prioritized for the 1st quarter of 2021

Room database V2

Description: After replacing the old room database, the new room database will be spiked with more information to make it more valuable. Through certain roles it is guaranteed that
only data is displayed for which the logged in person is authorized.
V2.1 RDB will be extended by teaching data and Distance Learning and integrated into TISS Teaching. V2.2 Extension by room equipment data from room data sheet

Progress QIV: Enhance room database to include the following features: Accessible; Recording; Livestream; Lecture Camera; Document Camera, new view for Lecture Tube to not show sensitive room data to this role or make it editable.

Preview QI/21: Extension with room equipment data, addition of pictures, evaluation of possibilities for further use of the new data, integration of teaching rooms + distance learning equipment in TISS room booking

Charm offensive PDB

Description: requirements for further development of PDB with immediate benefits for researchers, secretaries, project leaders, project managers.

Preview QI/21: Adoption of topics from PDB Plus and new prioritization and inclusion of new topics, e.g. display and selection of call information, improve mask for creating partners, overview of open tasks per user, improve mask for recording statistical data.

Think Tank PDB

Description: Collection of requirements for the further development of the project database from various application areas. The goal is to store the requirements in a think tank.

Preview QI/21: Adoption of topics from PDB Plus and new prioritization as well as inclusion of new topics, e.g. edit project should be possible for research support at any time.

Extension by new project types

Description: It should be possible to enter additional project types in the project database in the future: Internal research support, Golbal budget funded projects, processing of small and micro projects (incl. copy function).

Preview QI/21: Survey of requirements for the recording of additional project types.