Current Focus Topics (QII/2021)

The Campus Software Development (CSD) department has been responsible for the operation and further development of the TU Vienna Information Systems & Services (TISS) since March 2016. The further development of TISS is controlled via the TISS Steering Group. The steering group represents the Rectorate as client and decision maker. Within the steering committee, the prioritization of TISS tasks (= change requests and new requests) is carried out. TISS tasks are collected and processed exclusively by TISS Client Management. Prioritization of TISS tasks is done quarterly and determines the work program.

In addition to ensuring basic operations, the TISS management group has decided on the following work priorities for the second quarter of 2021.

In the first section are current tasks where a brief outlook for the second quarter of 2021 is provided. In the quarterly reports you will find an overview of the progress of those tasks that have been processed.

Current Information

Web services data network

Monitoring of the key figures TU vs. BRZ, extension of the display of data from the data network in TISS, support of data entry by feedback based on network data

Admission procedures and aptitude tests - completed

Online admission

Completion of views for deaneries and study department, interface for applicants, adaptation of tile overview, online admission for extension studies

Learning spaces

Prepare and test display of campuses and locations in production.

Introduction of official signature

Official signature of documents from admission procedures, official signature of final degree documents and adaptation of processes in TISS, long-paper validation (including archive and connection to Alfresco), long-term validation (LTV).


Release on April 1, support during implementation

TOKU - Case management (FAW/ Boku) - basic framework

Creation of cases, editing and deletion of cases, first productive version for FTS

Internal events / TU events

Finalize code transfer (PE department). Finish the revision of the roles and rights system. Revise user interface. Integration of the i2c department. Integration of external trainers should also be ensured.

TISS Redesign

Formulate the new "design language" of TISS (information design). Creation of the "widgets" (design company) and testing in TISS (CSD).

AHESN next

Acceptance of the implemented interfaces with the University of Vienna. Implementation of the sending interfaces for curriculum points and the consuming interfaces for LVA, individual achievements and recognitions.

Locking system new

In consultation with PKE, identify, reprogram and replace individual interfaces.

Appeals process

No processing in QII/21

Automated SAP invoices

Create a catalog of requirements for the SAP connection. Create a requirements specification for the implementation in SAP. Customization of the UI in TISS so that the necessary data for an invoice can be queried.

Conference with payment system

Handling of the first conference with ConfTool. Terms and conditions for webshop(s).

Workflow Engine - Tender workflow

Commissioning of the digital workflow on the part of FB Bewerbungsmanagenemt and insight, rework

Plagiarism software

Connection of turnitin to TISS

Optimized data transfer TISS <-> TUWEL

Automatic user enrollment in TUWEL, grade transfer

Automated LectureTube data synchronization

Minor adjustments and optimizations

Online Learning Agreements (Erasmus without Papers)

Further development of Mobility Services, development of tool for Erasmus scholarship payment (data collection of students, contract creation and signing, data transfer SAP for payment, calculator for scholarship amount)

Billing tool for research centers - on-hold

Faculty currently reviewing "terms & conditions" of external billing tool. Will likely contact CSD in QII/21 for requirements gathering.

PDB Plus - further development - completed

Publications (replacement resposiTUm and publication database).

Start migration, implement submit for remaining publication types, add intellectual capital statement fields and required research data to metadata, finalize validation process in departments, make further adjustments to TU Vienna layout.

Data Management Plan (Dmap)

Finish version 1 (minimal viable product): (admin access for support, complete template must be exportable, consider several security features we disabled for fast development, same for automated testing etc.)

RIS Synergy

Start with processing of prioritized work packages and related detailed requirements. Start with implementation of the interfaces.

Charm offensive PDB

Evaluation of feasibility: settings already made by the user should be saved (table views), display history even better, improve display of statistical data, improve search (process and display), make call information selectable implement after coordination.

Think Tank PDB

Data clearing (new role in PDB): research support should be able to change data at any time, powers of attorney - merging (list of project manager powers of attorney and remaining §28 powers of attorney)

Extension by new project types - on-hold

Requirement survey on the collection of additional project types.

Report additional resources research

- Charm offensive PDB (My Tasks and improvements User Interface)
- Think Tank PDB (improve search)

Room data - V2 - on-hold

Expand to include room equipment data, add images, evaluate ways to reuse the new data, integrate teaching rooms + Distance Learning equipment into TISS room booking.

The following new topics have been prioritized for Q2 2021

Scholarship Disbursement

Description: Until WS 20/21, scholarship disbursement was handled by OeAD. From July 2021 on, the disbursement of these will be up to the universities themselves. The contracts between TU and students for scholarship disbursement should be generated via TISS. In TISS, the corresponding scholarship amount is to be calculated and the forms are to be generated. The disbursement will be done in SAP - for this purpose the corresponding interface has to be implemented. 

Progress: Requirements gathering and planning for scholarship disbursement support, draft process for scholarship disbursement, rough definition of SAP-TISS API for disbursement. 

Outlook QII/21: Development of tool for Erasmus scholarship disbursement (data collection of students, contract creation and signing if necessary, data transfer SAP for disbursement, calculator for scholarship amount).

Electronic vouchers

Description: Electronic vouchers are to replace the current paper vouchers as a cost replacement for the registration fee for admission procedures. PDF vouchers will be uploaded to TISS by administrators and persons who have been awarded a study place on the basis of a ranking test will be able to download, print and redeem one each.

Outlook QII/21: Upload and administration of PDF vouchers, allocation of vouchers to students, download by students (incl. time limit)

Staffing proposal

Description: Digitize the workflow to approve the staffing proposal for posted positions. The workflow and associated forms are to be implemented in TISS. All necessary documents are to be collected in TISS and made available to the personnel administration. It would be possible to add an upload function for documents by future employees and to feed the necessary data into SAP.

Outlook for QII/21: Transfer of application data from eRecruiter, digital approval process in TISS/Alfresco.