Current Focus Topics (II/2022)

The Campus Software Development (CSD) department has been responsible for the operation and further development of the TU Wien Information Systems & Services (TISS) since March 2016. The further development of TISS is controlled via the TISS Steering Group. The steering group represents the Rectorate as client and decision maker. Within the steering committee, the prioritization of TISS tasks (= change requests and new requests) is carried out. TISS tasks are collected and processed exclusively by TISS Client Management. Prioritization of TISS tasks is done quarterly and determines the work program.

In addition to ensuring baseline operations, the TISS management group has decided on the following work priorities for the second quarter of 2022.

In the first section are current tasks where a brief outlook for the second quarter of 2022 is provided. In the quarterly reports you will find an overview of the progress of those tasks that have been worked on.


Accessible PDF testimonials - completed

LLT: Update Opencast Plugins - completed

DSGVO recording of personal data in research projects and traceability - completed

GUT DMS V.2 - completed

Records Management - Research and Transfer Support

Open and edit documents in Share Point, free text search, requirements elicitation Records Management DSDM on case study appeal process, first adjustments for DSDM Records

Room catalog

Search engine optimization (make TU rooms in room catalog findable via Google), upload of PDFs

Webshop library

Library needs to define payment methods incl. internal orders etc. for productive webshop. Define interfaces between CSD (TUEPS) and library (catalog).

Automated SAP invoices

After finance has decided on workflow, create joint specification with SAP team. Enter additional information Financing third-party project

Final coordination with DWH and project controlling, start implementation

TISS Accessible Redesign

Incorporate existing accessible widgets into a test instance next++. Re-sharpen existing widgets and define new widgets.

Web Services Data Network

Planning of the extended display of data from the data network in TISS, acceptance tests with the BRZ, monitoring of the key figures TU vs. BRZ, extension of the display of data
from the data network in TISS, support of data input by feedback based on network data

Online approval

Rework, training

Introduction of official signature

Official signature of documents from admission procedures, official signature of degree documents and adaptation of procedures in TISS

Inter Institutional Agreement (IIA) (EWP)


Deletion of student applications

No processing due to sick leave

UG Amendment 2021

Implementation of minimum academic performance

Online Learning Agreement

Possible optimizations

AHESN next

Detailed implementation, integration into processes

LLT: New Opencast infrastructure

Finished new infrastructure of Opencast is set up and productive. Waiting for new storage from

LLT: Conversion of Storage NG

Deployment in beta mode as friendly user. LLT: Storage NG conversion teaching

LLT: Vosk

Create training measures and documentation, if necessary. Continue to roll out including sending out to teachers. Further optimizations in the course of the year.

LLT: Opencast video portal - Tobira

Continue testing as an early adopter for the Opencast community and share feedback. Involvement of first lecturers.

LLT: LectureTube Editor

Further tests as early adopter by additional teachers. Broadcast with information and documentation.

LLT: DB Consulting for Moodle

Start with the implementation of the improvement suggestions of the DB Consulting with continuation until the end of 2022.

LLT: Etherpad as a collaborative teaching tool.

Confirm testing for use in production operations. Send out with information and references to documentation.

LLT: Matrix

Possible implementation for LectureTube Live - PoC. Consideration and conceptualization of possible implementation as Moodle chat alternative.

Onboarding of new employees

On the basis of the checklist drawn up by HR Development, workflows are to be developed that can be supported digitally, e.g., tasks are assigned tasks are assigned automatically, information is sent automatically. It will make sense to determine an implementation sequence (prioritization), i.e. implementation according to phases and a step-by-step digitization.

Internal events / TU events

Implement virtual formats, allow past events (revise event engine).

Appointment process

Analyze next steps of digital implementation of process and integrate with record management.

Workflow engine - appeal workflow

Release and rework

Conference with payment system

Terms and conditions for webshop(s) in consultation with finance department and legal department.

Publications (replacement resposiTUm and publication database)

Preparation for Go Live beginning of July 2022 of version 1, definition of requirements and schedule for version 2, implementation missing

Think Tank PDB

Task is set to "published" and will serve as a collection of requirements in the future that are not currently prioritized.

Expansion to include new project types

Implementation on collection of small and micro projects, requirements collection regarding internal research funding in coordination with developments in RIS Synergy (input tool
and program information)

Change of project leader

Start of implementation: If registered PL becomes inactive at TU Wien, OEH leader takes over, granting of power of attorney to new project leader

Funding opportunities (administration of funding bodies, programs, partners)

Start of requirements gathering interface program information in combination with input tool (both RIS Synergy) - integration and requirement on part of TU Wien accompanying, implementation of funding body structure if defined

Data Management Plan (damap)

Further development of open source version, test and collect feedback and derive requirements from potential users

RIS Synergy

Start with prototype "input tool" based on the requirements from the team "program information" and start with implementation of the remaining prioritized
interfaces incl. setting up of the necessary project teams.

Report additional resources Research

- Funding opportunities (internal research projects) - Connection to the input tool
- PL change (edit project, powers of attorney)
- Small and micro projects
- Additional fields finances (planning tool)
- ORCID - Projects Integration and Publications

Grant payment

Optimize transfer of extension to STAB


The following new topics have been prioritized for Q2 2022.

TU Account Password for Mobility Incomings

Description: Incomings have been emailed their passwords this semester and have been asked to change them immediately.

Solution approach:

1. TISS reactivates PIN and transmits it hashed to IDP (including flagging for Mobility).
2. TISS reactivates student information sheet and adapts it (contains instructions for activation of TU account and PW, issued by STAB upon admission).
3. IDP ( forces change of password after initial Log IN

Landing pages, UX+

Description: switch application server for e-payment from Wildfly to Quarkus. The payment page with the credit card data input should get individual backgrounds to better
to better integrate with the webshops (especially with ConfTool). Payment pages should get additional information like name and amount to be paid.
amount to be paid.

Solution approach:

1. switch to new server (Quarkus instead of Wildfly).
2. define landing pages
3. implement landing pages
4. implement the additional info for the payment pages
5. testing
6. step by step conversion

roomTUlearn - days, times and capacities


Days: It should be possible to make reservations on non-lecture days.
Times: There is a desire to be able to reserve flexibly until 8pm.
Capacities: The capacity (filling to 30%, 50%, 100%) of rooms should be easy to define.


1. define functions together with ZeSL
2. define UI
3. implement, test
4. release

LLT: Policies

Description: Update and concretize the policies for the services of the FB Teaching and Learning Technologies.


1. update and concretize the policies for TUWEL, etc.
2. update and concretize the policies for LectureTube etc.
3. data retention & DSGVO

LLT: Project Zolomon

Description: To provide a simple and intuitive way for users to integrate zoom cloud recordings into existing LectureTube series in TUWEL.

Solution approach:

1. use of Zoom's WebHooks
2. API interface for TUWEL plugin "Zolomon