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Workshop on US Research Grants

The Fundamentals of US Funding and Sponsored Project Administration

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The U.S. National Council of University Research Administrators (NCURA) established 1959 , is  recognized all over the world because of the outstanding quality of their educational events and continuing strive for excellence in research administration under the heading: „Supporting Research … together“.

Therefore it is our  great pleasure to announce the global workshop „Fundamentals of US Sponsored Project Administration“ for the first time ever in Austria at TU Wien  from September 18 til 19, 2017.

The goal of this workshop is to increase knowledge and understanding of European researchers as well as international research administrators about the US privat and federal grants (e.g. NIH, NSF)  that are open worldwide. This workshop is specifically geared for international research managers and administrators  with a basic or intermediate level of experiences with U.S. grants who want to achieve the next level of excellence.
The workshop presenters Leslie Schmidt (Montana State University, U.S.) and Eva Björndal (Karolinska Institutet, SE) are  distinguished experts from the NCURA Global Faculty and the BILAT USA 4.0 EU initiative.

For more specific information please visit the workshop website: <link http: en services eu_research_support us_ncura_workshop_2017>

The end of registration is  on September 12th – Register now: <link http: education meetingsconferences>, opens an external URL in a new window

Looking forward to meeting you in Vienna.

Siegfried Huemer  I Head of the EU Research Support at TU Wien and NCURA Local Host

Eva Bjorndal I  Head of Post-Contract Office at Karolinska Institutet (SE)  and NCURA Global Faculty

Leslie Schmidt I Assistant Vice President for Research at Montana State University (US) NCURA Global Faculty

Contact: <link>