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Onsite lecture at Volkswagen Slovakia

Volkswagen Slovakia

On Thursday February 09, 2017 the eighth study group of the Professional MBA Automotive Industry Program visited Volkswagen Slovakia, which started the car production in 1992. The plant in Bratislava produces six different brands of cars: Volkswagen Touareg, Audi Q7, Volkswagen up!, Škoda Citigo, SEAT Mii, the body of the Porsche Cayenne and part of Bentley Bentayga. With more than 12000 employees around 400,000 cars are produced annually. 

Mr. Eric Reuting, MBA, the member of the Board for Human Resources welcome participants and introduced the Volkswagen Group and and also characteristics of the plant in Bratislava. He mentioned success stories and approached to meet the future challenges, like Industrie 4.0, Autonomous driving and new mobility concepts.

Onwards, Mr. Adamicka introduced the logistics concept of the Volkswagen Slovakia. Furthermore Mr. Opitz gave the lecture on realization of continuous improvement process (CPI) through effective, moderated types of workshops called KVP workshops, in which he also presented examples of workshops outcomes in terms of efficiency and productivity. The morning program was concluded by lecture of Mag. Michaela Ploszeková who is the Head of Environmental Department in Volkswagen plant in Bratislava and one of the participants of the program Professional MBA Automotive Industry. She introduced in her lecture the vision of meeting environmental goals and successfully implemented corporate strategy ´Think Blue. Factory.´ in Bratislava plant.

Afterwards, the group of participants visited the Training Center of Volkswagen Slovakia. In the body shop of new generation Audi Q7 and also the Aggregate/Modules hall of New Small Family (NSF) a Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV) accompanied by heads of respective sections. Students were introduced technological equipment, logistics solutions and individual operational processes. The visit of the company combined with three onsite lectures was part of the module „Managerial Economics“, which four-day lasting schedule continued until Sunday at TU Wien.

The participants and program team would like to thank Volkswagen Slovakia for the excellent organization and efforts.

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