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TUKids&Care – Compatibility at TU Wien

TU Wien has established that tasks associated with reconciling family and job/research are part of its diversity strategy for which the HR Development &Health Department is responsible.

This triggered a number of structural and staff-related decisions:
The newly founded "TUKids&Care"-office is now part of HR Development & Health. From now on, it will organise events such as the Christmas crafts workshops, childcare during the summer holidays, the Family Day, additional childcare services, etc.
Sonja Bigl is your contact person for all questions regarding reconciliation in the department HR Development & Health ("TUkids&care" office).

Additionally, the position of a representative for compatibilty issues was created.
Ewa Vesely has been appointed to continue this work for the time being.

Your contacts:
<link> – Child care
<link> – Care-dependent Relatives
<link> – Pre-registration Company Kindergarten

Further information:
Sonja Bigl, TU Kids&Care, <link>
Ewa Vesely, Representative for family-work balance issues, <link>


Picture: © Markuks Jürgens |