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TUbe - LectureTube Migration

The streaming platform TUbe will be soon discontinued, and its content will be migrated to LectureTube. A dispatch that has already been sent out introduced the LectureTube features and the enhancements they bring.

Following a decision by the Rectorate of TU Wien, the TUbe platform will be discontinued, and the videos will be migrated to LectureTube. The main reasons are to avoid redundancy in the streaming offerings (LectureTube/Opencast and TUbe/Planet eStream), as well as to reduce avoidable administrative costs and the carbon footprint of internet subnet data traffic during streaming. A major advantage of LectureTube is its successful, wide-scale integration into lecture hall technology for many years, as well as interfaces with the campus management system TISS and the e-learning system TUWEL/Moodle.


  • Migration of Existing Recordings
    Recordings from TUbe will be transferred to the LectureTube system to ensure continuous access to the videos for students and lecturers.
  • Enhanced Features and New Opportunities
    Among other features, LectureTube offers options such as editing recordings in TUWEL, live streaming from lecture halls, and scheduling recordings in TISS. Detailed information and instructions can be found in the LectureTube Knowledge Base.


The migration of the platform thus offers a central point for the provision of digital videos and live streams, as well as improved access to them. If you have further questions about LectureTube, please feel free to contact us at