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TU Wien: Covid Rules of Conduct for the Start of the Semester

Distance, Hygiene and Masks: These rules of conduct apply to the winter semester from 1 October at TU Wien. Call for distance teaching and use of lecture theatres, laboratories and offices with registration.

Entrance area of ​​the TU Wien Campus Karlsplatz. Two people come out wearing masks, a cyclist drives past.

Currently around 2,400 new students have registered for a Bachelor degree at TU Wien for the 2020/21 winter semester. Around 5,000 members of staff will work at 5 sites in lecture halls, laboratories, workshops and offices. All members of TU Wien must comply with the applicable safety and security measures, namely observing social distancing of at least 1 metre, the general hygiene rules and the wearing of a mouth and nose protection mask. There are a total of 150 sanitiser dispensers at the 5 sites. The current regulated entering and exiting of buildings will remain in place. To act in a fast, coordinated and effective manner in the event of a COVID-19 case (or suspected case), a central, electronic building access system will be used, with students and members of staff registering via QR code.

Guidance for Students: Hybrid Teaching, Semester Lecture Hall, QR Code

The 2020/21 winter semester will begin in “hybrid mode”. That means that teaching for students in their first semester will be offered both in on-campus mode and in a distance learning format (i.e. streamed simultaneously or recorded). TUW is paying particular attention to students in their first semester. Where possible, especially in the first weeks, teaching in the first semester of Bachelor degrees should be held on campus. Bachelor students commencing their studies will use a fixed lecture hall, the semester lecture hall, for their lectures in their first semester. To ensure that teaching can be provided in full in the winter semester, distance teaching/learning should be provided as widely as possible. Due to the growing number of cases, teaching in higher semesters should solely be held in distance learning mode, if possible. The majority of lecturers and teachers in the faculties are already providing students with digital content for the lectures and classes in the form of videos, audio recordings and e-lecture notes. Exams should also be held online if possible.

On Campus

Only 50 percent of the existing space or seating capacity is permitted to be used for on-campus teaching in the coming semester. That requires a mouth and nose protection mask to be worn in the lecture theatres. At TU Wien groups are defined in the university’s own TISS information system according to the cohort principle (including for lectures and classes without compulsory attendance). That means some students will be on campus at the TU, while the other students will gain access from home via live streaming or will receive recordings of the lecture or class.

Contact Tracing

For effective contact person management, there are QR code registration points at all entrances to TUW buildings. In addition, the university administration urges students and members of staff: if you have symptoms or suspect for any other reasons that you may have contracted COVID-19, please call the 1450 hotline. If somebody is classified as a suspected case, he/she should stay at home and provide notification of the possible infection via the TUW reporting system. The university administration is responsible for communication with the relevant health authorities – for the TUW that means the Municipal District Office for District IV of Vienna – and the Federal Ministry of Education, Science and Research.

Day-to-Day Work of Members of Staff

For research and laboratory work, the Laboratory and Workshop Regulation of TU Wien will apply and researchers must use workplace-specific personal protective equipment (PPE). Social distancing of at least 1.5 metres must be observed. If that is not possible, mouth and nose protection masks or protective visors should be worn.

Home working remains an option for members of staff; the relevant managers are responsible for organising and planning tasks for the respective university requirements. As of 1 October 2020, an adapted Home Working Policy issued by the Rector’s Office will come into force, which we also take special reasons such as a lockdown or disease prevention into account. Members of staff should use online tools for meetings with more than 10 participants. Business trips to risk areas are banned until further notice.

Events and Ceremonies

Events may continue to be held in compliance with the applicable Decree on Easing of COVID-19 Restrictions issued by the Ministry of Health. TU Wien plans to hold graduation and award ceremonies for graduates in the winter semester in compliance with the applicable laws. The TU Ball 2021 has already been cancelled by the Student Union (HTU).


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