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TU Wien Bibliothek takes over the coordination of the ORCID Austria

The ORCID iD is a code for the unique identification of researchers. More than six million researchers worldwide already use such an identifier.


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Identifiers such as the ORCID iD facilitate the allocation and searchability of research results. Researchers of the TU Wien are now optimally supported by a membership of the TU Wien Bibliothek in ORCID.

What is ORCID?

ORCID is a non-profit organization that has been awarding ORCID iDs since 2012. An ORCID iD always allows researchers to be uniquely identified and prevents confusion of names. The wrong or missing assignment of publications to different name variants or a change of name of a person can also be avoided. Moreover, the ORCID iD is independent of employers, research areas and country.

ORCID respects data protection. Researchers can therefore manage for themselves who has access to their data. In addition, ORCID has aligned with the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

ORCID at TU Wien

The TU Wien Bibliothek has been a member of ORCID since January 2019. Furthermore, it coordinates - in cooperation with the University of Vienna - the activities of ORCID Austria. For the TU Vienna this means an improved visibility of research and an easier administration of publication lists.

The opening event of the consortium will take place on June 13  (Boecklsaal in the main building, from 10:00 to 16:00). This event brings together members of ORCID Austria and stakeholders from the scientific community - from researchers to research funders - for a launch and networking session.

The core of the event will be presentations and discussion of the perspectives of ORCID in Austria from the point of view of universities, research supporters and funding agencies.

Starting in autumn 2019, the TU Wien Bibliothek will set up various activities to communicate the benefits of ORCID iD to students and researchers and to support them in the management of their ORCID records.

Find out more about the use of ORCID in this video:

What is ORCID? from ORCID on Vimeo.