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This regulation is valid immediately, for the time being (and hopefully) only until April 16th!

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Many of us have not been able to go to our usual workplace for days, and this is not likely to change that quickly! For the majority of us, the home office means how to do things in the best possible way, our staff development department keeps you informed constantly. But there are also workplaces that cannot be transferred to the living room so easily. What needs to be done, what general conditions need to be taken into account, how does the TU Wien support you:

The consumption of time compensation for overtime worked cannot be ordered unilaterally! This basic principle of labour law is not invalidated by this special situation we are currently experiencing. Nevertheless, please consider the consumption of time compensation for overtime, especially if your home office is not possible due to your work.

It also applies to holidays that cannot be ordered or taken unilaterally, but must be agreed upon. The Rectorate would like to propose a "Corona Holiday Model" to all employees for whom home office is not (or no longer) possible: Holiday taken in the period from 16 March to 16 April is only half taken into account, shortened to "Take 2 - pay 1".

What does this mean for the application? If leave is applied for, special leave "other" is also applied for to the same extent. When requesting this special leave, "Corona" must be entered as the reason. This also applies to holidays already registered up to and including 16 April. In these cases, please apply for "Corona" special leave accordingly. This regulation is valid immediately, for the time being (and hopefully) only until April 16th!

Employees with care duties have to face a special challenge, which we want to support as far as possible and as unbureaucratic as possible. Parents with care obligations for children up to the age of 14 will be granted, analogous to the extended care exemption, with continued payment of the fee until the end of the closure of schools and child care facilities. If there is no other possibility of care, credibility is sufficient. 

The care obligations are to be reported in writing in an e-mail to the supervisor and to the personnel administration (department of scientific or general personnel). The form for the extended nursing leave does not have to be filled out.
This also applies to employees in nursing situations, if the nursing staff supporting them up to now can no longer come (which may currently be the case due to border closures)

Best regards,
Sabine Seidler, Rector

For hints and tools for home office please visit our CoLab platform, opens an external URL in a new window