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The current class goes on a geothermal excursion to Hungary

The current class goes on a geothermal excursion to Hungary

On Saturday, the 9th of November, the students of the MSc Renewable Energy Systems had their geothermal excursion in Hungary. During the week, they had their module on geothermal energy and now had the opportunity to see what they learned in practice. 

The first stop was in Mosonmagyaróvár to pick up Dr Gabor Milics, who is one of the lecturers in the module. He brought the students to a tomato green house, which is heated with geothermal energy. They were able to see the well where the water is collected and got an introduction from the expert on site, on how the system works. After looking around the two greenhouses, the company gifted the students with a box full of tomatoes which they enjoyed on the way to the next stop. 

To end the day, Dr. Milics invited the students to the Hotel Orchidae in Lipot, which also uses geothermal heat, for heating their building and spa area. The hotel greeted the group with coffee, tea and snacks. In the meantime Dr. Milics told them about the story of the hotel and how the whole region is making use of the great geothermal potential in the area. 

In the evening the students were back in Vienna with a full bag of tomatoes the day after, they had their last lecture of the year. We hope they enjoy their time off and have happy holidays.