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Menstruating at the TU Wien (Vienna). Free period products are now available.

Menstrual articles for students and staff have been available in 20 toilets at TU Wien since last year (2023). One of them is also near us in AF0202.

Dispenser for tampons and sanitary pads

At the suggestion of the Department for Equal Treatment and the Advancement of Women, opens an external URL in a new window, the HTU - namely Kira Eresina, Ronja Lenger and Sarah Recheis - TU Wien (Vienna) has set up dispensers with tampons and sanitary towels in front of 20 toilets to support menstruating women in this way. Monthly bleeding and menstrual products cause considerable costs for menstruating women and can restrict their participation in public life if they are "period-poor". For some years now, feminists have been calling for no tax to be levied on menstrual products and for them to be made available free of charge in public toilets. Because menstruation is as normal as going to the toilet.

"Period poverty" is a term used in connection with these costs, which are unaffordable for many. Menstruating women all over the world are affected. In Austria, it is often students, as this population group in particular often lives on the poverty line.

TU Wien supports the idea of free menstrual products and has set up 20 dispensers at six locations, including at stairs 7, 2nd floor, room code AF0202 near our institute. The tampons and pads on the dispensers are free to take. Menstruating women have been able to obtain these items since 2023.

Stairs 7, 2nd floor, AF0202