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Students of the MSc program „Renewable Energy Systems“ spent a week of lectures at Energiepark Bruck/Leitha

Renewable Energy Systems Students

On Monday the 2nd of September another exciting Module started for the students of the MSc Renewable Energy Systems. From Monday to Wednesday, they learned about wind power and from Thursday to Saturday about integration of renewable energy into the grid. 

To give them a better understanding of the topics they are being taught, they went on two excursions during the week. One excursion was to the climbable wind turbine in Bruck/Leitha with a visitor’s platform. From the top they could see all the wind farms in the whole region, which is one of the most significant wind power regions in all of Austria. 

However the day didn’t end there, because in the evening the students were invited to spend some time at the winery Gerhard Markowitsch with some members of the Energiepark Team as well as the Energiepark’s President Herbert Stava. There, the senior wine maker Hans Markowitsch gave us a tour of the wine cellar and then, during dinner, offered the students a taste of his favorite bottles of wine. 

On Thursday at the start of the 7th Module (Integration of Renewable Energy Sources into the Energy System) they went on a tour through the Control Centre of the Austrian Power Grid and got a presentation about the APG’s work. After that they also got to go through the big transformer station.  

After some more lectures on Friday and Saturday, the module in Bruck ended and the students went back home. The Energiepark Team is excited to see them again in January!

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