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Start of the new financial equalisation negotiations

[Translate to English:] Karoline Mitterer und Michael Getzner

© Michael Getzner

In the series "KDZ Im Dialog", Dr. Karline Mitterer (KDZ Centre for Administrative Research) spoke with Prof. Michael Getzner about reform perspectives and reform needs of the Austrian fiscal equalisation system. Negotiations between the fiscal equalisation partners (especially the federal government, the provinces and the municipalities) began in December 2022 and should be concluded by autumn. From a scientific point of view, the list of topics currently lacks central areas of climate protection, climate change adaptation, and also questions of financing services of general interest against the background of increasing demands on the fulfilment of obligations by Austrian municipalities.

The entire podcast is available on the KDZ homepage, opens an external URL in a new window as well as all contributions in the series "KDZ im Dialog, opens an external URL in a new window".